Book Blog: September 2016

Hi and welcome to this months book blog. I have been trying to find more time to read books at the moment and currently rediscovering my Roald Dahl collection due to work and the recent 100 anniversary of his birth.  I am also trying to commit to at least 30 minutes a day of reading. This was a challenge that author David Nicholls set himself this year and he has found he reading more books just by setting 30 minutes a day for reading. I found this a really good motivation exercise so I have started this last week reading 30 minutes a day. Why not give it ago yourself. Anyway this months book blog is late enough so let’s get started. Continue reading

Gobblefunk and Soggy Bottoms

Sunday 18th September : Number of cups of coffee = 2.

Welcome to this weeks blog post. I’ve been to see the new Bridget Jones movie this week which is why I have made this feeble attempt at starting my blog in the style of Bridget Jones. Well it was worth a try, This week I will be discussing 11yrs being a librarian, Great British Bake Off, Roald Dahl, Bridge Jones’s Baby and iPhone 7. So let’s get started. Continue reading