Well another week has gone by very quickly.

This week I have continued by battle with my new bank. It turns out not only have they lied to me and not listened to my start date but they have also not set up the account they said they had offered me. No wonder the world banking system is in turmoil when banks can’t basics right and have such poor customer service. After this bad experience I have realised that the grass is not always greener on the other side and have decided to stay with my old bank.

This week I have also developed a nasty head cold. At first I was hoping it was just hayfever but it is actually a bad head cold. This is never good but when the weather turns hot like the last few days a head cold is the last thing you need. Hopefully in a few more days it will be gone and I can enjoy the bank holiday weekend next weekend.

Last night I watched the final of Over The Rainbow. A lot of people really dislike these type of shows as they say nothing good comes from them and they are just advertisements for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s shows. I disagree with this as many contestants on these shows have gone onto great success. I agree to an extent they do advertise Andrew Lloyd Webber’s shows but they also introduced people to the theatre and musicals. I think this is a good thing as the songs from these shows are amazing and are part of our culture in many ways. In terms of Danielle Hope winning Over The Rainbow I was pleased as she the contestant I picked out in week 1. Sophie was also a worthy finalist and last night for the first time I could see her playing the role. I am sure she will do well in the future.

So that is it for this week.

Top TV Programme of the week : Over The Rainbow

Top Song of the week: Popular by Kristen Chenoweth (Wicked Soundtrack)

Book I Am Currently Reading: The Secret Life of Bee’s by Sue Monk Kidd