This week I have tried to make time for me! To some this might sound like a selfish thing but I actually don’t do it enough and when I feel a bit low I find it is the best way to deal with it.
So with this in mind I went to the cinema on Bank Holiday Monday to see Robin Hood. Now I love the cinema but don’t go as often as I should this is usually because the nearest decent cinema is Newcastle. So I went to see how this latest adaptation of Robin Hood would be. For me Robin Hood was my childhood. I loved the stories of Robin Hood. I remember having an Enid Blyton version or Robin Hood which I got on holiday once which I loved. Sadly I don’t have it now – if anyone knows where I can get a copy let me know (Never get rid of your childhood books!!!). I also had Lego Robin Hood and to this day I can still quote Robin Hood Hood Prince of Thieves. Sadly the new film didn’t have that excitement. It was an ok film but it wasn’t Robin Hood for me so felt a little bit let down. I will just have to watch Robin Hood Prince of Thieves again!

While I was in Newcastle I visited the Apple store. I love Apple! I don’t care what people say they make good products which are lovely to look at. If that makes me shallow then I don’t care. I went in to look at the iPad. The reason being that I have wound a few people up who were thinking about getting one. So I thought if I am going to knock it then I need to see what they are like. So after fighting my way to the table with them on I finally was able to have a go on one. I found them instantly easy to use, a lot easier to hold than I thought and it goes without saying it is a very beautiful piece of technology. I therefore can understand why people want one. From my point of view though I can’t justify it as I have a macbook and this fulfils all my needs. In the end the two people who were thinking about getting one, one of them has the other has gone for an iPhone.

This week the weather was actually like summer! So at lunchtime at work I made the most of it and sat outside in the sun reading my book and listening to my iPod. This was very indulgent of me and I feel bad that I deliberately cut myself from my friends at work. It wasn’t personal I just needed that time, this is one of the things I do when I feel a bit low – which is sort of silly as what I really want is to be with others. Also I think I sometime gatecrash too much on the girls talks and events. They say I don’t but I feel conscious about it and I know sometimes they need time without any guys about. Which is usually easy as there are not many guys about. Which is is also a problem for me. Now don’t get me wrong the people I work with are the best I have ever worked with and I have some fab friends amongst them but I don’t have many male friends. For those who know me they will know I am not a blokey guy. I don’t drink beer, don’t gamble, don’t do sport, never been on a stag do, never had a lads night out. Therefore this makes it difficult when trying to be friends with other guys as I simply don’t know what to say or do. There are some people I feel I should have made more of an effort with but haven’t. Girls on the other hand don’t seem to have this problem (maybe they do but I just don’t see it). I don’t see how this situation can really change and it is one of my biggest regrets I have about myself.

Think I had better stop now. Didn’t quite mean to be so deep this week but these blogs are a great way to get things off my mind.

Until next week!

Top TV Programme of the Week – Great British Menu

Top Song of the Week – N-Dubz – We Dance On

Book I am Currently Reading: Green Zone : Imperial life in the Imperial City by Rajiv Chandrasekaran