This week I have got into World Cup mode. Now I admit I am not the biggest football fan. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy watching football I am just not one of those who lets it take control of their lives. In the sweepstake at work I have got Honduras – now you don’t need to be a football expert to realise that I won’t be winning anything this year, but at least it gives me another team to support. so far out of the games I have watched I haven’t been over impressed by any team including England. Although I do feel sorry for Robert Green. Yes he made a mistake but we all do. At least he is prepared to put himself forward for his country and also David James doesn’t have the nickname Calamity James for nothing.

What the World Cup has made me think about is travelling. One of the most beautiful places in the world I have been to is South Africa. It has scenery that out of this world. The people are so friendly. I had such a great time when I was there in 1998/1999, and now watching the World Cup it is bringing back all the wonderful memories I have of being there. Its made me think that I need to make the effort to have a big holiday like that more regularly. So I am going to have to start a travel fund!

Hopefully by the next time I have a big holiday I will be able to share it with someone. Up to now I have always gone on my own. Some people say thats really brave. To me its not. How I see it is if I didn’t then I may never go and this life is far too short for that. Saying that I do wish I could share the experiences with someone. Maybe one day it will happen.

Well thats all for this week!

Top TV Programme of the Week – Glee

Top Song of the Week – Glee Cast – Jessie’s Girl

Book I am Currently Reading: Green Zone : Imperial life in the Imperial City by Rajiv Chandrasekaran