Well its another week over and its also almost half way through the year. Monday is Midsummer’s Day and with that in mind I have decided to review my new years resolutions. In January like everybody else I made some resolutions. This is my progress so far:

1)Improve my Finances.

Now I am not bad in this area just I want to start saving more and try to be more grown up. The reason being I want my own place. I am nearly 30 and still at home. Now yes there are benefits with this. But there are also drawbacks – such having my own space, doing what I want, cooking my own food, inviting friends over etc.  In theory this resolution should be easy but I get distracted too much by materialistic things such as music, clothes and books. As a result my situation has not improved. So still got to do something about this over the rest of the year.

2)Learn to relax more.

I am a very anxious person. Now to some people this may come as a surprise. I often portray quite a relaxed attitude to life, nothing appears to worry me. On the inside though I do get very anxious about most things. If there is nothing to worry about I use the “what If” theory which is bad when you have such an active imagination as mine. My anxiety also usually comes on when I no structure or routine i.e when I’m off work.

I do feel like I have made some progress in this area of my life. I am trying to keep myself busy with tasks such as reading and tidying. I am also reminding myself to just stop and stand back and look at the situation. This helps me put things into proportion. Hopefully I can carry on this work for the rest of the year.

3)Loose Weight.

I don’t see myself as massively over weight but I do feel I could loose some weight and tone up. I haven’t weighed myself so don’t know what I do weigh but just feel quite flabby. I haven’t done anything in this area to improve things so this resolution so far a big FAIL.

4)Socialise More.

I love going out visiting places, meeting people. The problem is I just don’t do it enough. I suppose I am scared of change and most of my friends are girls so they want to more girly or just girls only events. Which is fine and I know its up to me to sort this and make things happen in this area instead of relying on others.


Now this is one that is largely out of my control i.e I cant force someone to date me. All I can do is start socialising more and try new things which lead to meeting new people. In my group of friends at home I am the “single” friend. This is depressing thought anyway but is not helped by my 30th birthday heading towards me or parents hinting about being grandparents. Some friends have said use a dating website. But I am not going there. I am sure if I am meant to meet someone it will happen. I hope it is soon as I hate waiting.

6)Get more involved with the radio.

I am a volunteer with my local hospital radio station and have been since finishing uni in 2002. I do love doing it. It is fun and it is good to know that I am doing something useful in the community. So this year I said I would get more involved. The thing is I haven’t. Its not that I don’t want to but working full time is tiring especially travelling out of town for work. So I am quite restricted to how much extra I can do, as by the time the weekend comes I am ready for relaxing. I also don’t want to commit to extra things which I may not be able to do as that will be letting others down. I will keep this resolution open and see what I can do.

7)Improve fitness.

This I suppose is linked into No.3. I need to be more active so need to find some sort of activity to help improve my fitness which in turn will help me loose weight. Possible solution to this is dancing. Just need to pluck up the courage.

8)Go to the cinema more.

This may not be the most taxing of resolutions but still haven’t been much this year. So far only seen Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood. I have though registered with a DVD rental company so will try and watch more films this year with the help of DVD’s but still going to the cinema when I can. I think this is a fair compromise.

9)Stop Drifting.

I suppose most people are guilty of this. It is after all the easy way out. But by doing this you don’t get very far and you miss out on so much. This week I heard about someone who is travelling in New Zealand and Fiji. Others are going to festivals, or staring new ventures. when I hear about all of this I feel so jealous and why isn’t that me where did our paths change. The answer is simple They made it happen. I didn’t and I really need to change this attitude. We are only on this amazing planet once, so I had better get my finger out and make the most of it.


So far the year hasn’t been much different to last year. so massive improvements still need. Must work harder.

So until next week, bye!!!

Top TV Programme of the Week : Glee

Top Song of the Week : Anyway You Want It/Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin by Glee Cast

Book I am currently reading: The Portable Door by Tom Holt