Although I don’t want to tempt fate, it does seem we are having some sort of summer this year. It has been nice having sunny weather even when I have been at work. It really does make a difference to my mood. To celebrate the summer solstice I decided to read “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” on that day, which I successfully did, and rediscovered my love for Shakespeare.

This week has seen me being a little bit more sociable. First I met up with a friend for tea which was good and nice to catch up. Also it was a colleague at works leaving meal. The style of food for the meal was described as Asian Fusion. This basically is all Asian/Eastern dishes. The restaurant was very nice but for some reason involved us walking down a catwalk (very odd and made me wish I dressed up more).  Next came my dilemma – what to have. I am quite funny about eating meat in places I have never been to so often go for the veggie option.  The problem this time was that the menu lacked many veggie dishes. So in the end I opted for a meat dish – Duck. It turned out to be fantastic and I would love to go back there sometime. Just shows you sometimes have to try things.

This weekend I have been listening to the coverage of Glastonbury.  I love music, especially live music but never seem to make that extra effort to see more bands/artists. I have also never been to festival and I this is something I am just going to have to get my finger out and sort. In the mean time the coverage of Glastonbury has been fab especially on 6 Music! How they can even consider closing such a great music station is beyond me.

I can’t do this weeks blog without covering 2 more topics. They are Dr Who and Football.

Firstly Dr Who! I am not ashamed to say I am a Dr Who geek! I love the show and although David Tennant is my favourite, Matt Smith has done a good job in establishing himself in this series. I am still not convinced with Amy Pond but love Rory and River Song. The series finished promising answers and sadly we didn’t really get them we are just going to have to wait until the next series.

Now the football! So england got knocked out. Really are we surprised? The players never performed as a team and seemed to concentrate more on their own image instead of actually playing for their country. The press may be calling for the manager to go, but I don’t think thats the answer. The same group of players were not good enough to qualify for the last European Championships and we had a different manager. This World Cup they were there in body but mentally. End of the day they didn’t really want to win.

Well thats it for another week

Top TV programme of the week : Dr Who

Top song of the week: Cast of Billy Elliott – The Letter

Book I am currently reading: The Portable Door by Tom Holt