This week I had a week’s holiday. Sadly I didn’t jet off to some where exotic or go away in this country. Instead I thought I would have a relaxing week at home. Yes I know that sounds nice and I always think it is a great idea, but in reality it means an anxious week. The reason I had an anxious week is because I had no routine or planned activity which I need. I am sometimes spontaneous but usually I like to plan ahead. At the start of the week I was OK, but by Wednesday evening I was climbing the walls. When I have time on my hands I start to think and then throw in the phrase “What If?” This combined with my imagination leads to me to get anxious.  I try to deal with it by doing things such as reading or watching DVD’s but sometimes it doesn’t work.  I suppose there is no way to resolve this all the time I just have to cope with it when it happens.

While I was off this week I took the plunge and went to the opticians. I was due ages ago but kept putting it off mainly because it is soooooo expensive and difficult to find the time to go especially as I work out of town. The result was I did need some new glasses as I have got more short sighted (make of that what you will). I then went on the search in the opticians for some decent frames. As I wear them so much I do go for a designer pair and there was also the offer of 2 for 1 which is always good as it is handy to have a spare pair in case one pair break or if you want a different pair to match a different outfit. I picked a sensible pair and a slightly more jazzy pair. when I say Jazzy I mean they have a bit of colour (they are not Elton John style). I really like both pairs.

Also while I was off I introduced my parents to doing an online food shop. This was an experience. When I was asking what do we want they kept saying “I don’t know”. In an actual supermarket this may be forgiven but when you are sat in the kitchen and ask this there really is no excuse. In the end we got there and were really impressed with the quality and service and will certainly be trying it again.

This afternoon I decided I would watch the film Nine. I didn’t know much about this musical but it had a fantastic cast so thought I would give it ago. I am so glad I did. It was everything I wanted stylish and sexy. Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing in the lead role and should have got an Oscar for this film. It is certainly a hidden gem of a film and advise everyone to watch it.

In between being anxious, going to the opticians and food shopping I have also been thinking about my future. This is something I have touched on before in my blog but I really do want to be more ‘grown up’ I suppose. As an only child you get used to having things done or people behaving in certain ways with you, I learnt to an extent while at uni that this needed to change and I have to some extent. Now though I need to settle down and find my own place and at the same time find my self. The song “Purpose” in Avenue Q sums up I feel,  and although I know I may never find my purpose I feel I should at least look.

Well thats it for another week.

Top TV programme of the week : The Estate We’re In

Top song of the week: JLS – The Club Is Alive

Book I am currently reading: The Secret History by Donna Tartt