This week was my first week back at work after a week off. As I mentioned in last weeks blog I was really glad to be going back as work helps put a little bit of a routine in my life. Also I like the company of the people I work with.  Going back to work always has that feel of starting school again. I always feel I should go with new things. The new thing this week were my glasses. I got 2 pairs one fairly sensible and the other a little bit funky. I went to work in the sensible pair, expecting some comments. But I didn’t get any! After some big prompts on Facebook and Twitter someone did twig and nudged someone else. But that was it really.  Now I am not the type of person to say to everyone ” Look at Me” but sometimes on somethings some nice comments would be good. This week at work I am going with my more jazzy pair so expecting some comments this week (this blog might also be a prompt lol).

On Monday night I met with some old school friends. We all used to meet up fairly regularly but as we have got older we all have got our own lives and we haven’t met up as much. However we seem to be doing something about this and hopefully we will be meeting up more from now on. So on Monday night we went bowling. Now none of us say we are any good, but we went for a little bit of fun. So just our luck the people in the next lane to us are pro’s. They have their own balls, shoes etc. They also decided they would share their expertise. Now they were really nice people but all the advice made me perform even more badly (well thats my excuse). It was funny at the time but we did just want a bit of a laugh. Afterwards we all went for pizza and a good chat. It was such a great night and it made me realise that I do have some great friends.

On Wednesday I went to Edinburgh. This was on a work trip so I did mainly visit libraries. But it was a really good trip and very interesting. It was also my first visit to Edinburgh. It has always been somewhere I have really wanted to go to but never did anything about it. so when this opportunity of a visit came up I decided to take it. The two libraries we visited were totally different from each other and it was good to see what other places do and get ideas. The weather in Edinburgh though was very miserable. It was so foggy I didn’t see the Castle or Arthurs Seat until the last hour we were  there. We didn’t get much free time just an hour for lunch and an hour before leaving. For lunch we visited a pub called Frankensteins. Which was great and did amazing food. It also had the spookiest toilets ever. (won’t spoil it, you have to see for yourself). It was a long day but really enjoyable and made me realise that I actually live close enough to Edinburgh to actually have a day visit so may do exactly that when I am next off.

Top TV programme of the week : Tonights The Night

Top song of the week: Yolanda B Cool & D Cup – We No Speak Americano

Book I am currently reading: The Secret History by Donna Tartt