Sorry for the delay in the blog this week. Have been quite busy. When I started the blog I didn’t think people would be interested. This didn’t bother me as I find it a good way of getting my thoughts cleared. However it turns out some people are slightly interested and have had people asking where the Sunday blog is. The reason it is late is because on Sunday I was frantically trying to finish my book club book “The Secret History by Donna Tartt”. It is a really good book but there is a lot going on in it and the meeting is on Tuesday lunch time so needed to make more progress. I am nearly there and will be finished in time. Also I was doing my hospital radio stuff on Sunday evening. I don’t usually do Sundays but I was covering for one of the other presenters. So this combination is the reason why this blog is 24hrs late.

On Tuesday it was my works summer BBQ. When you put the words “summer” and “BBQ” together there must be some sort of chemical reaction that creates heavy rain. As a result the BBQ was mainly indoors. It was a good night and nice to see so many people from different sites there. It was a shame about the weather but I suppose its all part of it.

Usually during the week I don’t do much. My life is not usually that exciting. However this week as well as the BBQ I also went to the cinema. Ok now I know what you are thinking a BBQ and a trip to the cinema isn’t the busiest of social lives, and you would be right but I take whatever I can get. The film I went to see was Eclipse. Now on the whole Twilight fan level I am low down. I have read the first book and seen the first two films, and I don’t actually mind them. The third film though was not as good as I thought it would be. I did however laugh lots (also a bit to loudly) especially at the lines “I am considerably hotter than you” and “Does he ever wear a shirt”, and the whole mountain top sleeping bag scene is bizarre. It was still a good night and the film was entertaining.

After the cinema though on Friday night I did just get the urge to stay our and hit a few bars. I haven’t felt like that for years and I sometimes it would be good to do something like that last minute. The thing is people everyone else seems to have commitments and I don’t. I do get stuck in a rut though and then get scared to change it. Maybe I should try and live like Danny Wallace in his book “Yes Man”.

This week in town the new Next shop opened. It is where Woolworths used to be. Its still a shame Woolworths is not there, but thats the story in these times. The new store is quite nice but once again they have the menswear as a last thing. Also the stock they have in is very similar to all the other shops that sell menswear.  Is it too much to ask for some originality and more floor space. Maybe it is!

Well thats it for another week off to finish my book.

Top TV programme of the week : Who Do You Think You Are?

Top song of the week: Dizzee Rascal – Dirtee Disco

Book I am currently reading: The Secret History by Donna Tartt