This week has been less hectic. I have done very little interesting things. Just the usual routine stuff such as going to work and coming home.

Routines are funny things. We all like to think of ourselves as being spontaneous and hate routines but the reality is its hard to break or escape  routines. Sometimes this a good thing and sometimes it is not. On my journey to work I usually see the same people, order the same coffee, walk the same route. This is fine and I take it for granted, but occasionally I wonder if I should maybe say “hi” to one of the same faces I see. But that would be not the done thing. We don’t do that in Britain for some reason. But if I think about it I probably see these people more than some of my friends, so would it be that strange? Instead I attribute my own stories to these people (nothing bad). So the guy I pass on the street on the way to the station is some professional guy who works 9-5 in an office in town. At the station I see the Fenwick’s Crew as I like to call them. I think they all work for Fenwicks and all seem super stylish. Then there is the Robert Pattinson wannabe whose female friend always flirts madly with him but he doesn’t seem that interested.  There is also a guy who I usually see on the way home on the train. We always get on the coach and he always lets me on first. They are all strangers in the sense we don’t speak to each other with the exception of maybe “after you” or  “thank you” but all our routines bring us together we just don’t take it any further. Maybe one day I will switch off my iPod and speak to one of these people. After all isn’t life meant to be about making connections.

This year is also turning into the year of the baby. There are times in all our lives when those around us all seem to do the same thing. So that might all your friends get married, or they all buy a house or they start having babies. It is the latter that is happening at the moment. Not so much with my friends but with family. Four of my cousins have either had or are expecting babies. This is of course wonderful news but you do sense the pressure from family members. Shouldn’t it be you next? Or even worse “Well it looks like you ain’t having any”. I suppose they are right in a way. Not so much as having a family but about being more grown up.  I am fast approaching 30 and I know this is a topic I have covered before in my blog but it is a big deal. For me it brings things into focus and I have to start planning my future not the present. I know none of us can predict what will happen but we can do our best in making things happen for us that we want to happen. I have always had the attitude that things will come to me. Well in reality they don’t do they. A time will come when you have to get up and find it yourself and I think that time is coming for me. So going to have to be more grown up starting from now.

This week I watched the film Julie & Julia. Its a great film but the character of Julie is someone who is turning 30 and is encouraged to start a blog for a whole year detailing her challenge of cooking all the recipes of Julia Chiles. With the exception of the cooking I found it too realistic the character of Julie. I am almost turning 30 and have also started a blog. Things seemed to work well for her so maybe they will for me.

Well till next time.

Top TV Programme of the Week – Stealing Shakespeare

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Avenue Q – Purpose

Book I am Currently Reading: Decision Most Deadly by Mark Turnbull