This week was the first week of my holiday. This year instead of jetting off somewhere exotic I am having a Staycation. this apparently is you stay in this country. I am going away next week but this week I was to have a relaxing time and get some little jobs done.  One of these jobs was a tidy up of my room. This is actually quite a big job with the focus being my desk.

Over time my desk has become a junk magnet and hasn’t been used for its purpose for at least 5 years.  So this week I decided to tackle it. After much chucking out of rubbish and cleaning I managed to make a difference. I have now got rid of the desk and replaced it with a much needed bookcase as my bookcases were full so I needed more space for them. I can now sit on my bed and look at my books all in order. To some people this might sound weird but I actually find it quite relaxing seeing them all tidy and in order, good job I work in a library. Now with all this space I have an excuse to buy more books 🙂

The rest of the week has seen me read,catch up with a friend,  drink coffee (usually Starbucks with once exception on Thursday where it was Costa), I have also kept in touch with the rest of the world via Facebook and my favourite Twitter.

When I am at home I usually have my radio on and it is usually on Radio 1. On Friday however Radio 1 were playing dance music for 24hrs so I decided to try Radio 2. The first song that came on was St Elmo’s Fire. I forgot how good that song was and for the rest of the day I was hooked to the station. I also went to to iTunes to get the song St Elmo’s Fire. Maybe its a sign I am getting more mellow (or you could say older) with my music taste but I really enjoyed Radio 2. I am not quite ready to change permanently to Radio 2 but maybe listen a bit more than I used.

Right I’m to pack now. So until next week.

P.S I will be tweeting while away so if you follow me on Twitter (@TimBuckle) I hope you enjoy, I will also tell all in my blog next week.

Top TV Programme of the Week : Sherlock

Top Song of the Week : Jason Derulo: What If

Book I am currently reading: Decision Most Deadly by Mark Turnbull