After 2 weeks holiday most people, including myself are usually refreshed and ready to go back to work. This is what I thought I would be like this week. Instead I started back at work with a cold. Getting a cold is never nice but it quite cruel to have it just as I go back to work, it like my body is saying those 2 weeks of rest were wasted.  The other thing is that when I was feeling a bit better people kept saying you sound dreadful. They never seemed to say it when I actually felt dreadful (how does that work?). Anyway despite a few sniffles I seem to be over the worst and feel more like my usual self. I often get a cold the beginning of September when the weather starts to change (the rise and fall of the leaf my Mam calls it) so hopefully I have got it early as there is certainly an autumn feel in the air.

Despite my cold it was nice to be back at work. This is for 2 reasons. Firstly I like routine in my life as it adds structure to my life. Secondly I miss being with other people and I am very lucky I work with a great bunch of people, so its always good to get back and see them and catch up. Although with Facebook I was able to keep in touch during my hols.

So thats what I have been up to this week. Now I am going to a have a little bit of a rant (I know thats not like me) about some things that have irritated me this week.

1)A-level results: Once again this year students have  been working hard and have received record results in this years A-level results. But as always people seem to refuse to accept that students are working harder, instead they say Oh the exams are getting easier. Do these people not think how this makes these students feel. When I sat my A-levels back in 1999 the press said then exams were getting easier. If that was the case me and my friends wouldn’t have had to work has hard as we did.  I wonder how many of those critics could actually write a critical essay on Othello and the Tempest? A-levels are not easy! There is huge jump from GCSE’s to A-levels and students have to adjust to that very quickly. Also there is so much pressure on young people to do well so that they can go to university. This is something that these critics never had. so instead of knocking them people should say well done, no matter what grades people get as those students have worked hard  and deserve that praise.

2) Indecision in coffee shops: People who know me know I like visiting coffee shops especially Starbucks. Over the years coffee shops have changed. You no longer ask for a white coffee. Instead this is now either filter coffee with milk / an Americano with milk/ or even a Flat White. I understand this can be confusing on your first visit. However this has been the case for a while now so most people should be used to this language now. I firmly believe if you go away on holiday you should at least attempt to understand the language and use it. This is the same for visiting  a coffee shop. Sadly as with holidays most people don’t seem to do this and instead they block the queue and frustrate not only other customers who know how to use a coffee shop but also they annoy the staff – eg: someone asked what a mocha is. The barrista explained it is coffee and chocolate. The customer then asked for a mocha but without the coffee, in other words a hot chocolate. I know this may sound petty but it is one of my bug bears. So if you are going to visit a coffee shop which is a great thing to do, then remember use the language of a coffee shop.

Well thats it for this week.

P.s: As you have read this far I take it you actually do read my blog so I would appreciate any ratings or feedback as I just like to know what people think.

Top TV programme of the week : The One Show

Top song of the week: Kylie Minogue: Aphrodite

Book I am currently reading: Eleven by Mark Watson (the man is a genius)