Hi everyone!  (well hopefully someone is reading)

This week has been a busy one at work. Its one of those things with people on holiday theres more to do but I actually like that but as a result it means I have been really tired on an evening so very glad it is the bank holiday weekend. But this bank holiday is also quite scary as it is the last one before Christmas. This year is really flying by although I do admit I love September and the Autumn.

You would think with me being tired I would not have been out socialising. To be honest even if I wasn’t tired I don’t usually socialise during the week or come to think of it the weekend. This week however I was actually out twice. One of which was Friday night which was going to be a quick drink/food after work. Thought I would be home at about 8ish. Was there till 10pm instead . It was a good night and also good as towards the end it was just three guys. This is the closest I have been to a lads night out and actually it was good. I’ve said before I always think I gatecrash the girls events. I know they say I don’t but I am sure a lot of the time they are just being polite.  Maybe I should make the effort and try and arrange more regular lads nights (may have to revise my drink if I do – you get no man points for drinking rose).

This week has also seen me have major issues with public transport. I use trains everyday to get to work. I do enjoy travelling by train its quite a nice way to start the day. I am a morning person but although my body may awake at 6 am by mind is usually a few hours behind. I understand trains get delayed (for some reason it is always a signalling problem in the Doncaster are – what do they do to signals there), however when these delays happen on the journey home and you are stuck in mobile phone blackspot it is frustrating especially when it means you don’t get home until 7pm. As well as issues with trains I also had a problem with a taxi. I had booked a taxi and it didn’t turn up now I didn’t have my phone with me so couldn’t ring up to see what had happened. After waiting half an hour I decided I would just walk. This resulted in me getting in really late and once home I was really angry and phoned the taxi firm up they first said it was no show. I said that was a lie as I was there at the time I said I was going to be there. They confirmed the time I had booked. They then spoke to the driver who then said he had turned up but was an hour early. No wonder it was a no show. I was fuming they guy at the taxi firm said oh its just crossed wires. I then pointed out that it wasn’t cross wires it was incompetence and that taxi drivers should be at least able to tell the time because if they can’t do that then they are not fit to drive. I then hung up and will now probably never be able to use a taxi firm in Darlington ever again!!!! Well they probably wouldn’t turn up anyway.

After my incident on the train where I had no reception it made think about my mobile contract. Basically I really need to change companies as I am really unhappy with T-Mobile. Basically I get lousy reception, and hen they launched the iPhone for the first time this year they didn’t give existing customers the opportunity to upgrade mid contract where as other networks did give this opportunity. When I asked them about this they basically said go to another network. So in February I will thanks T-mobile.

Over the last few weeks I have felt the need to re-avaluate parts of my life. I have touched on this a bit on previous blogs but over the last few weeks things have been on my mind more. The hard part with any dilemma is making the decision and on a certain issue I am torn in two. By deciding not to do something I have done for a long time brings with it lots of guilt as other people rely on me (or at least I feel they do), also it would mean breaking my routine which is also a big deal for me. On the other hand I want more time for myself. I know this sounds selfish but I don’t get much free time and I feel I need to use that time for me more than I am. Answers on a postcard please! Over the next few weeks I am going to have to have a serious look at myself and where I want to be in 10 yrs time.

So till next time!

Top TV programme of the week : BBC Breakfast

Top song of the week: Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

Book I am currently reading: Eleven by Mark Watson (the man is still a genius)