What a strange and busy week.

Basically its the bank holiday’s fault. I know Bank holidays are a good thing and we should have more of them but it does mean that the work you normally would do that day just gets squashed into the Tuesday which then has an effect on the rest of the week. As a result I have been really busy at work. Friday seemed to be my only normal day.  Oh well at least it went quickly.

On the Bank Holiday Monday I decided I would go shopping at the MetroCentre. Its been a while since I’ve been up there and I needed some new shoes and a shirt as I have a wedding to go in a few weeks time. Now I hate buying formal shirts. I’m just not that type of guy. so it is not usually an enjoyable experience. However saying that I managed to get one straight away. I also managed to get shoes. So will hopefully scrub up well for the wedding.

As I have mentioned this week I have been busy at work so I decided I would go into work earlier on Wednesday morning. This means I wouldn’t have time to have coffee at home but I thought this would be ok as I would still get one at the station. Well for some reason I didn’t quite make it to the station with enough time to get a coffee and get my train. So I thought “its ok I will quickly have one at Caffe Nero in Durham. So I get the train and make my way to work and call into Nero’s. I get in and order a mocha. The girl serving though must have heard something different and didn’t do what I asked. I thought no worries I don’t have time to ask her to do another I’ll just drink it. The problem is I rally don’t like Nero’s coffee when it is really foamy. Now I know this makes me sound snobby and I admit when it comes to coffee I am a coffee snob. So I had 2 mouth fulls and it was foul so I just left. This means I was going to face the day with no decent coffee in me. to put it into context its the same as the Duracell Bunny having cheap economy batteries in. I was not going to last the day. So I was sat trying to work and then I suddenly realised I had some Starbucks VIA in my draw. Thank God for Starbucks!!! This meant normal service could start and my day was saved.

In last weeks blog you may recall that I had some bad experiences with public transport. Well this week I had another experience. On Thursday my train along with the following 2 trains were delayed by a long time. Now I understand there can be problems on the line however this delay was caused by Network Rail who were working on the line just outside the station. After 30 minutes the train they use to travel in pulled into the station and stopped at the platform. Then two workers got off and were laughing and pointing at all the commuters who were waiting. Well this did not go down well. The two men then went to the other end of the train and then eventually pulled out of the station and pulled into their work shed just outside. Now they could have done this without coming into the platforms. It seemed they just wanted to cause chaos. Well I hope they remeber this when they next want public support when they go on strike.

Last week I also mentioned that I had a dilemma. Well that dilemma has not gone away and I just don’t know what to do about it. On top of that another dilemma emerged. They are like buses you wait ages for one and 2 come at once. This one though I know what I have to do but just need to talk to some more people first. But thanks to those I have already talked to you know who you are and have helped already. Hopefully I will resolve both of these and then maybe able to say more.

Thanks for reading this. I do appreciate the fact that people do seem interested in this blog.

Top TV programme of the week : Miss Marple: The Pale Horse

Top song of the week: Adam Pascal: One Night In Bangkok

Book I am currently reading: Eleven by Mark Watson