Hi again!

This week can be summed in two words. Tiring and odd! For some reason all week I have been really tired I think I had a bad night early on in the week and I just never seemed to catch up so by the time I was doing the radio show on Thursday I was fighting off sleepiness which wasn’t helped by the request for Clare De Lune. It is a beautiful piece of music but it nearly sent me away to the land of nod.  Anyway I managed to get through the show and the week without falling asleep in awkward places. Which is just as well as I had a presentation/training session at work on Friday.

The presentation I was doing was with a colleague and was on Social Networking and Social Media. I am a big user of Social Networking sites especially Facebook and Twitter so it is a topic I do no about. The thing is I haven’t had to do a presentation since university so this was a very scary experience. However it seemed to go ok. Although we did slightly over run, nobody seemed to be asleep at the end so it went ok. Hope the repeat session a week or so goes ok as well.

So I have explained the tiredness but not the odd bit of the week. So here goes. On Monday at work a bat was spotted on one of the floors. After looking for it we couldn’t find it. The following day however we found it. So we caught it and put it in box and then (as you must do when you find a bat as they are protected species) contacted an expert on what should be done. One of my colleagues took it upon herself to look after the bat and we all knew the bat was certainly in safe hands. After a health check from the expert bat man the bat (which we named Vlad) got the ok. He was just a bit dehydrated so after my colleague gave him a drink, which was very cute he settled down in the chocolate box.)

My colleague then stayed behind until dusk and released Vlad back into the wild. Where he quickly found his friends. It was quite an unusual visit to get at work. Especially when he was just on the desk opposite to me all day. He was very sweet and is welcome back anytime.

Now you may remember that on a previous blog I mentioned about how it was strange that people often see the same people on their way to work etc but never speak to them. Well this week I did. Basically I got talking to a guy on the train who I often see at the station it turns out he works for the same organisation I do. Just proves its a small world after all. When we got off the train at Durham it bouncing with rain and he didn’t have a coat with him or brolly. So I let him share my brolly as he was going in the same direction as me. This made me feel quite good as not only had I broken the silence with somebody but also I did a good deed.

This week also saw a number TV programmes either return or launch. The first of these was Daybreak. This is the replacement for GMTV and features Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley. I really like them as a presenting duo but this show is not the same as BBC Breakfast. I have given it a week and I think I will be going back to BBC Breakfast with Bill & Sian. I just hope the BBC realise what a good show they have and that the changes they are proposing are a bad idea. This wee also saw the return of Strictly Come Dancing. I love this show! It is great fun to watch and last night was the launch show where we found out who was dancing with who. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Anton is dancing with Anne Widdecombe. They are obviously not going to win but they will be fun to watch.

For those of you who are regular readers just to update you on the dilemma situation. One dilemma is resolved the other is still waiting to be dealt with.

Well thats it for this week. Lots going on in the next week so hopefully an interesting blog next week.

Top TV programme of the week : Daybreak

Top song of the week: The XX: Islands

Book I am currently reading: A Study In Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle