The weeks just seem to get faster and faster. I have had so much going on lately that I honestly don’t know where the time is going. But at least its the weekend and I can catch up on myself and of course blog. I am also off next week so I have a whole week to recharge my batteries and try and relax ready for the frantic events the following week.

This week has also seen me be very grumpy and bad tempered. This is not me and I hate feeling this way but I think its because of a number of factors. First of all I have been really tired which doesn’t help but also the week didn’t start well. As you may have read last week I was at a wedding which was a great day but also saw me up dancing. Now I love to dance but I know I am not brilliant but I enjoy myself. However this week a combination of comments and bad photo’s have really got to me and have made me think that I wont do anymore dancing at any social events. Maybe this will be a good thing but its difficult to go ahead with it because I do enjoy it. Normally I ignore comments but this week because I have been feeling low they got through my protective shield and hit me hard. I know the comments were not meant to be hurtful but they were and brought back memories of bad times at school which I thought I had put behind me. I think people sometimes think that its ok is just Tim. He’s always fine, nothing bothers him. Well at the end of the day I am human and things do bother me. I do have lots of things going on in my head at the moment and don’t need other complications. I just need support now and again. Its made me realise that although I do have lots of friends I don’t have one specific person to go to. Even if I did , because I have never opened up to anyone fully I would feel awkward doing so now. I think I need to get out more and socialise more. I think another reason I have been grumpy is because there has been a lot of changes going on around me whether thats work or friends it is unsettling. I don’t have a problem with change its just that it takes me a while to adjust and see how  (if at all) I fit into things.

Because I have been grumpy all week it hasn’t taking much to really make me loose my temper. I don’t usually loose my temper in public, I certainly don’t shout. But on Friday I did. After struggling to get through the centre of Durham due to the whole city being one giant building site I only just got to the train station. The train was pulling in but there is a problem with my pass on the barriers so I need the the person on the barrier to let me through manually. This is not a problem usually but is slightly annoying. However my train was just coming in and the person on the barrier was just talking to someone and not looking at the barrier where there were a couple of us needing to be through. I asked politely and no response. So due to the fact that I was about to miss my train and I was being ignored  all due to the fact that East Coast Trains have issued me with a defunct ticket. I shouted really loudly “EXCUSE ME! MY TICKET WON”T WORK AND I NEED TO GET ON THAT TRAIN ..NOW!!!” He quickly let me through and I managed to get on the train. Now I’m not proud of this but it needed to be done.

Last night I watched Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow. I really love this programme and was really looking forward to it this week as it was in Sunderland. I was however really disappointed with the exception of the brilliant Sarah Millican. One of the acts on was Simon Evans. I had never heard of him before and he was really harsh about the North East. Now I know comedians often make fun a little bit about the place they are in but he was was just plain nasty. I’m surprised he wasn’t booed off stage – he should have been. If by any chance someone from the BBC is reading this then next time you are hosting the show in the North East pick more local acts.

I mentioned a few weeks ago about a presentation I did with a colleague about Social Media. Well this week we had the repeat session which went really well. We were then having another follow up session on Friday. This was going to be more of a discussion based session, which it was but there was a lot hostility and it made it difficult. So already being in a bad mood  all week I really didn’t need it. I also missed saying goodbye to a long serving colleague who was on my department because I was in this session. Because the session hadn’t gone how i thought it was going to and with my ever increasing foul mood I ended up feeling really fed up. I still have the leaving meal for my colleague so I will get to see them then but I still feel very bad about it.

Now before I go I just want to point out I have put links to some blogs that I follow and hopefully if are reading this and enjoy reading it then you may also like them. They are under the title Blogs I Like.

Top TV programme of the week : QI

Top song of the week: Debbie Gibson : Shake Your Love

Book I am currently reading: The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld