Hi everyone! hope you have all had a good week. This week I have had a weeks holiday. My plan was to have a very very lazy week. As you have probably have read in the last few blogs. I have been a little bit stressed and tired so my plan for this week was to do nothing strenuous. The thing is my plans have a habit of changing.

The reason they changed was because I decided I needed to do something about my fitness and as a result have joined the gym. Now this is a good thing. We all know its important for everyone to look after themselves and keep active and I know this is an area of my life that I neglect and it shows. so I have taken the positive step and have done something about it. Well I eventually did after being delayed in setting up my membership due to administration purposes. Anyway its all signed and sealed now and it just needs me to deliver.  When you join the gym you have to have an induction first on how what to do and how to use the equipment. This went well but my body certainly felt it and I do ache (which must a good sign as it means I was doing something right). As well as the gym my membership covers me for swimming and I have decided to build this into my regime. So I plan to go to the gym twice a week and swimming once a week. I know I am not going to be a fitness fanatic but hopefully it will do some good.

Ironically the same day I decided to join the gym I received my rejection pack from the London Marathon (No I haven’t lost all my senses). Earlier this year I decided to submit an application to enter the London Marathon next year. At the time I was all up for it. Now for those who know me and know my fitness levels pre gym they would be slightly concerned (well I hope so). The reason I decided to enter was because next year as some may know its my 30th and I have already decided it is to be My Year To Do Things. So the Marathon was going to be one of those things. Admittedly it probably would have been the last thing I did that year or any year in fact. So this week when I received my rejection pack I was overjoyed. Never has a rejection letter brought such happiness and relief to one person. I have to admit the marathon would have been slightly ambitious (OK you win it was a ridiculous idea at this moment in time). I will however consider the Great North Run instead. I will keep you posted on any developments on this.

So with the gym and swimming aside I have still had a relaxing and lazy week.It has been good to have sleep ins and recharge my battery as I know the next few weeks at work will be very busy although good fun. So a week of visiting Starbucks on a daily basis, watching Glee on DVD and reading is just what I needed. so I do feel refreshed if not a bit achy.

While being off I also watched the speech my Ed Miliband who became the new leader of the Labour Party this week. Now I don’t usually like discussing politics in my blog so I will keep it short. I have always liked David Miliband so was gutted for him when he lost out to Ed in the leadership I think he would have been a great leader and future PM but its Ed who has won and I still believe he will also do well. Its just a shame that the press have to look for splits. It must have been hard for both of them to compete against each other. It seems that they are still close and hopefully soon David will return  to the front bench.

Also this week my geeky needs were satisfied when I received the new look Twitter. I am a huge fan of Twitter. When I started on it a year and a half ago I thought it wouldn’t be for me. How wrong I was. It is great and because of it. I have learnt new things from people and even made some good friends on it. So this week the new Twitter arrived for me. Which was very good. I admit it isn’t greatly different but it looks nice  and despite a few niggles regarding blocking and direct messages. It seems really good. If you are on Twitter then please follow me @TimBuckle. If you are not then why not give it ago. I know it is not for everyone but don’t condemn it until you try it and find out for yourself.

And finally this week I met with a few work colleagues for a night out. Now the night out turned out to be a lads night but organised by a girl. The night involved free drinks, half price food, stilt walkers and fire eaters/breathers. So just your usual night out in Durham really. It was a good night and actually good to have a lads night (I know there was a girl there but she was giving honorary status). I think it might be good to have regular lads nights.

So that is another week over. I am expecting a busy few weeks so hopefully something to keep you entertained.  So until next time bye for now.

Top TV programme of the week : Strictly Come Dancing

Top song of the week: Starship: We Built This City

Book I am currently reading: The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld