What a week!

If you read my blog last week you will remember that I was expecting a busy week. Well my expectations were certainly met. I have been really busy at work as it was Fresher Week. Now don’t get me wrong I love this time of year as there is always such a great buzz about the place but it also means a lot of work. One of the things I was involved in was Freshers Fayre. Now if you have been to University you will have experienced Freshers Fayre. If you haven’t been to University then Freshers Fayre is where different departments, societies, and local business’ all promote their services to the students usually with freebies. Now as a first year you are usually keen and ask important questions. By the time second year comes all you aks is “What have you got free?”.  This is what I experienced this week. It was very intense. We didn’t stop at all and it was actually really good just talking to the students and finding out what they want from my department. It also brought back great memories about my time at University.

Going to University is a big deal! It is the first time you have lived away from your parents and had to deal with everyday things such as dealing with finances, cooking, cleaning etc. I remember my first year at University I really struggled. I didn’t realise at the time but I did and I must have been hell to live with in my first year. Thankfully I met some great people who I lived with in my second and third year and this helped me settle in. So when I was talking to the new students this week I had this in my mind and part of me felt for them but another part of me was jealous as they will have such an amazing time. Univeristy is about discovering yourself and experiencing new things. My biggest regret is that I never really lived the full student life. I was slightly dull at University and I think I should have done more and lived for the moment. I hope the students I was talking to this week really do that. Work hard and play hard and most of all enjoy.

This week I also went to a colleagues retirement meal. It was really nice and it was good to have the chance to talk to her as I didn’t see her much on her last day and I felt quite bad about it. One thing I seem to notice when I see people who have retired is that they always look so relaxed and well. Eventually though retirement won’t exist as the retirement age keeps getting put further back. So I probably won’t get the chance to experience this relaxing period.

For those of you reading this and wondering if I am keeping up with my gym visits then I can reassure you that I am. I went after work during the week and I was shocked at how busy it was. I had to queue to get on some of the equipment. I then went today and it was deserted. So now I know Sundays are the best days to go to the gym.

So this week has been very tiring and by the time I got to Friday my body just wanted sleep. I have rested a bit this weekend but not over refreshed. I am expecting another busy week so will hopefully fins the energy from somewhere.

So until next week bye for now!

Top TV programme of the week : Strictly Come Dancing

Top song of the week: Michael Bublè: Haven’t Met You Yet

Book I am currently reading: The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld