Hi everyone!

Hope you all have had a good week. This week has been another busy one. Work is still busy Just when I think we are making progress something else comes along so its case of 1 foot forward and then another 10 back. But it will all get sorted.

Now I know I have said I don’t want to talk about politics in my blog but this week I feel I need to mention the spending cuts that were announced by the government this week. Like many people I know the government needs to do something about the deficit and that we all need to be involved in this. It just seems that the announcements made this week haven’t been looked at properly. They say its all about fairness. Well I’m not sure whats fair in ordinary people having to pay more or are loosing their jobs when the government has done nothing to stop banks giving million pound bonuses out. I suppose we will just have to see what happens but I am not hopeful. Well thats my politics rant over with now. Now for more usual topics.

For those of you who are interested in how my fitness plan is going then I can say that this week I have been to the gym and done some swimming so it has been a good week for my fitness especially as I didn’t do any the other week due to tiredness. I am actually enjoying it. At times it can be hard to motivate yourself to go especially after a busy day at work but I have still gone. I know I am not going mad at the whole fitness regime but at least I am doing something and thats better than nothing.

Last week in my blog I made a sort of appeal about where I could get a good winter hat and scarf. Well following on from that my friends have suggested various things, all of which I am grateful for. I can now report that I have now found a new winter hat that met my criteria and I love it. 

Not only is it wooly with ear flaps which was my essential criteria it also has reindeer on which is an added bonus. Also the hat came in really useful on Friday when it was Wear Your Wooly Hat For Work Day. This was to raise money for St Mungo’s Homeless Charity http://www.mungos.org/woollyhatday/ . There was a great selection of hats and also helped with the coldness at work.

This week I also saw a minor celebrity getting on the same train as me. It was the television presenter George Clarke who is on the show Restoration Man on Channel 4. I admit it is a minor celeb spot and is not exactly going to appear in Heat magazine on the spotted section so this is my version of it. If any of you have any celebs sports during the week then leave a message on my blog or tweet me and I will mention it.

This week I also went to Whitby for the day. I went with some friends from work as part of one of the book clubs at work. IT was centred around Dracula so with Transylvania out of the question we decided on Whitby. Whitby is a great place and I haven’t been for many years so it was good to back. However the weather wasn’t great. I was wet and blowing a gale which certainly cleared the cobwebs away.  Despite that it was great. I love watching the sea (maybe its because I am an Aquarius) but it always helps put things into perspective. Even when its wild like it was at Whitby there is still something calming about it.

While we were in Whitby we went to Whitby Abbey where we looked around the famous ruins before visiting the very nice tearoom there. After this we made our way down the steps to the wonderful little shops that make Whitby so special. Its great to see that these small shops are still there instead of the big high street names. After the shops we visited the Dracula Experience. Now I admit I didn’t expect much from this, especially at only £3. But Dracula was the reason we went to Whitby so we gave it ago. After coming out of the ‘experience’ I realised that calling it an ‘experience’ is stretching it quite a bit. I think if I am honest the halloween section in the local supermarket is probably scarier. Well at least I can say I have done it now.

A trip to the seaside whatever the weather is not complete unless you have chips. With this in mind we decided to try the chips from the famous Magpie. We just went to the takeaway part and while waiting to be served  I realised how great Yorkshire people really are. In front of me in the queue was a quite posh guy from the south. He then asked the person behind the counter “What is in the Fish Bites?” (Yeah I thought the same as you are now) The woman serving just gave him a funny look and answered quite bluntly “Fish”. I had to look away otherwise I would have laughed really loud. Of course what he wanted to know was what type of fish which apparently could be cod or it could be haddock. Basically its a lucky dip depending on whats leftover. It was funny though and also the very reason why I love the North. If you ask a silly question in the North then then you should expect a silly answer. In the south this is just seen as rudeness. And if there is anywhere in the North that will tell you something as it is. Its Yorkshire and I am glad of it.

Well that is it for this week. I am expecting another busy week this week. So hopefully I will have the stamina to get through.

So until then It bye for now.

Top TV programme of the week : Merlin

Top song of the week: James Blunt: Goodbye My Lover

Book I am currently reading: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows by J.K.Rowling