Hi everyone! Sorry the blog is late, but you did get my special edition rant the other day so I hope that filled in for the time being. This is the usual weekly blog.

The reason this weeks blog is late is that I have actually had a busy weekend (yes I know that is strange for me). On Saturday I was at a Halloween party which a friend of mine was having at their place. It was good fun and of course it was fancy dress. I went as Edward Cullen (shame I lacked the sex appeal but hey!) There were some great costumes and lots of dancing to cheesy music so a good night was had by all.  I love Halloween. It is a great excuse to just let go and have some fun and I am glad Britain is getting more into it like America does.

As if this wasn’t more than enough for my social life I went to see some standup comedy on Sunday which is why I was unable to post this blog on Sunday. Since going to the Edinburgh Festival this year I have really got into watching standup comedy. It’s great to see live and my friends had not been to see any so we decided to give it ago. There was four acts on in total The acts who were on  were Gary Delaney, Barry Dodds, Jonathan Elston and Andy Walton. All the acts were good especially Andy Walton who has just started out and I am sure he has a bright future ahead of him It was a really good night and would love to go and see more standup comedy in the town. We have to make the most of the arts we have left in town.

This week at work it was Wear Pink To Work Day on Friday. This was of course to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. I managed to find a pink t-shirt which I could wear but I also put a good donation in as well. Its such a great charity and sadly the disease effects so many people so the more work that goes into finding cures or treatments the better. As well as wearing pink for work on this day we had lots of pink cake to eat as well along with a bucket of Halloween Haribo (essential sweets for librarians), so by the end of the day we were all on a major sugar rush.

This week also saw the launch of a new national newspaper. Now since I studied media at university I have an interest in the media even though I am not working in the industry. So when I heard there was a new paper I thought I would give it ago. The paper is called The i paper and it is a spin off from the Independent. It is only 20p which is really cheap and it is like the Metro newspaper in style but with better journalism. I quite like the informal format and it is ideal for me to read quickly on my way to work. So if you haven’t tried its certainly worth a look.

For those of you interested in my gym progress then I can report that I am still going although I only went once this week. I am still enjoying it but I am also trying to understand the gym etiquette. This week when I was there I bumped into a guy who sometimes gets on my train to work. I have chatted to him before on the train and on a previous blog I mentioned my good deed where I shared my umbrella with him. So when I saw him at the gym he started chatting again which was fine but is this the right place to chat? Especially in the changing rooms. Oh well maybe I will figure it all out sometime.

Oh just before I go I have found a scarf. Although it is not the colours I was looking for its still nice. I will try and get a picture for next weeks blog.

Also thanks to Helen for her celeb spots last week. Please keep doing this everyone.

So until next week Tatty Bye!

Top TV programme of the week : Spooks

Top song of the week: Coldplay: Talk

Book I am currently reading: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows by J.K.Rowling