Hi everyone!

Thanks for sticking with my blogs and hello any new people who have become readers of it. I am writing this blog with blocked sinus’. Now I know that is something you may not want to know but it is my excuse in advance in case this blog a)is rubbish b)I get a bit to emotional and deep. You have been warned.

First things first. Last week I promised  would show you a picture of my new scarf. If you are new and wondering why I am mentioning my scarf then its because I was on the search of the perfect scarf this year but was struggling to find one. Now it isn’t perfect but its the best of a bad job out there. So here it is.

It is not sensational but it will do and by looking at the weather forecast I am going to need it. I will still keep looking out for any other scarfs that would suit me more.

This week Darlington had a bit of glory in the form of Chris Moyles deciding to choose Darlington as one of the places to host his Radio 1 Breakfast show from the Civic Theatre. Sadly I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets to see it live but I did listen on the radio. It was really good to have such a high profile show in the town if not a bit weird. The town seemed to get some good publicity and was even a trending topic on Twitter all morning. It was good to see some good news about the town instead of all the bad news about the cuts.

Also this week I also realised that Christmas was on its way. No it wasn’t the advent calendars in the shops or the lights being put up. It was the arrival of the Christmas coffee’s in Starbucks. Oh yeah I know its sad but little thing please me. So for now my usual mocha I am having a gingerbread latte which is basically Christmas in a mug. I don’t know how they make it better than other places (maybe its the nutmeg) but it worth trying.

Now as I have been run down and suffering with my sinus’ I decide to try and boost my immune system with an Innocent smoothie. Now with with some bottles at the moment you get a small wooly hat on your bottle. Now these hats were all knitted by members of the public who then sent them in and for every bottle purchased Innocent give 25p to Age UK. Now not only did I want one because they looked cute but many of my colleagues at work took part and knitted some amazing hats so by buying one it was my contribution to the cause. The hat is now proud of place on top of my toy monkey on my desk at work.

If you do get the chance to buy one then do as not only are they cute but they also help raise money for charity and I know that those knitted the hats want them to find good homes.

On Friday as well as it being Bonfire night I also had a date. Now I wish I could use lots of firework comparisons to describe how great it went. Instead it really just fizzled out and nothing happened. The other person was great and I liked them but I got the usual “You’re a really nice guy but…” . Now I should be grateful that they didn’t just keep hanging they did tell me quite quickly but it still hurts. I know everyone says it will just happen don’t worry but I do wonder what else I have to do. I am surely not that bad a person. What is it that I am doing wrong? If any of you who are reading this who know me then let me know (I know this could backfire big time). But seriously I don’t know what else I can do at least I am trying to meet people which is more than I have done before really. I don’t know how it is for girls to be in this situation but for a guy its hard as guys don’t usually talk about this stuff so I don’t really have people to talk to about how I feel and stuff. This is one area of my life I feel I have no control over but is the one area I feel I need sorting for my own wellbeing. I suppose I will just have to see what the future brings.

With all this in mind I also went to a joint 30th Birthday party for three of my friends. Of course going to a friends party is always good but my thoughts were “Oh God the 30ths have started”. Now I admit they aren’t all 30 on the same day they are spread out through the month but still I know that from December next stop is mine [many deep breaths]. To be fair to my friends they seem ok with it and I was surprised at this but then one said “I am happy where I am in my life the difference is you’re not”. They are the most wise words that person has ever said to me. It is totally true. I fast approaching 30, single, still living at home when others have made that progression. What is stopping me making this progression well some of it must be me. Its like I know what I want to do but I need the manual. The problem is I bought the cheap version and the manual isn’t in the box so I am blundering about. This is why the whole dating thing is a big deal for me. Because it would mean that I wouldn’t be blundering about on my own. There would be someone else there too. As well as all this emotional stuff about turning 30 it is also making me think about what I want to do to mark this event (was going to put celebrate but struggled with it). I do have an idea what I want but not sure if anyone would come along as January is a rubbish month as everyone is skint. So its whether I compromise to make everyone happy or say Sod it I’m doing what I want. Even if it means partying on my own. Will let people know the plans beginning of December.

Well thats it for another week. I did warn you that it was going to get deep and emotional. Hope this hasn’t put you all off and I am not using this blog for sympathy it is just my way of getting things that are on my mind out in the open. If anyone can help then great but if not then no problem.

Until next time… Bye for now x

Top TV programme of the week : Spooks

Top song of the week: Train – Hey Soul Sister

Book I am currently reading: Emma by Jane Austen