Hi everyone!

Last week in my blog I said I felt like I was getting a head cold. Well it certainly has struck this week. I am just very snotty which is not pleasant and has meant that my visit to the gym has been postponed. Hopefully will be Ok for this week. I know I’m not alone in having a cold at the moment so if you are reading this and have a cold then I hope you get better soon.

One of the things about having a cold is you feel low. After the disappointment of last week combined with the cold my self esteem has been low. Add in dark nights and dark cold mornings then it all starts to have an effect. I know a lot of people feel this way and it is hard to deal with. I also feel a bit bloated and flabby and I know just missing one week at the gym won’t make that much difference but I am just conscious of it for some reason. Now I know what you are all thinking just buck yourself up and I will.

This week the weather hasn’t helped things as it has been so cold. There was even snow/sleet on one or two days and it is only November. Really hope we don’t have a really bad winter like last year. I don’t mind snow on Christmas Day but not for almost 2 months thank you very much. Also with it being so cold outside at the moment it has meant work has also been quite cold which isn’t great but hopefully it will get sorted.

While on the subject of work I have been really busy at work. So haven’t done much on an evening because I have felt so tired. We are making progress though so thats one thing and I still enjoy it.

During the week I got a call from my bank now it wasn’t anything bad its was just to see if they could do anything to help me. Now this sounds good I hear you say the thing is they rang literally as I had got in the house after work and was tired and about to have my tea (dinner if your in the south). So when they rang my head was trying to catch up and make sense of the situation. Now I know it is hard for people who work in banks as they do need to contact people who probably work 9-5 during the week so they want to contact them after this time but also not too late. Anyway she asked if I could go in sometime and they would see if they improve things for me. I said OK Saturday she then offered me a time at 4pm. Now this really isn’t great. I don’t want to be hanging around all day just to see the bank when I didn’t ask to see them they rang me. I said anything about 10am? the answer was no so it turned out it was 9:30am. This meant no sleep in. So I said yes reluctantly and went to the bank. When I got there she was really cheerful and showed interest. Then she was asking was I thinking about buying my own place in the near future. Now she had looked at my account and knew how much I earn so why ask such a silly question. I replied it would be nice but it is hard at the moment (because the banks don’t want to lend really). She said I know you now need 15-20% deposits which is so high and difficult to do. Now I know this and if she wasn’t representing the bank I would feel better but no, the banking sector is one of the biggest reasons why this is the case (I know there other factors but they are the biggest culprits). She then went on and was saying how no jobs are secure now. Which is true but once again whose fault is that? It was hard to get angry with her because she personally wasn’t to blame and she was trying to be helpful but why are the banks only helpful when they want to be. when I have gone in and spoken to them in the past they haven’t  wanted to know. Maybe I am just being ultra sensitive as I am feeling low. Another thing I found odd was that they now create your own personal profile to find out what services they have that would best suit your needs. So they asked what hobbies do I have, do I go out for meals, she even asked if I been to any good restaurants lately? This was more liking a dating agency than my bank. Anyway there were some things she could do which were good so it wasn’t the waste of time that I thought it was going to be. Maybe I should have asked if the bank offered a dating service as well?

This week was the first time I thought “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. It must be the Christmas coffee in Starbucks. Costa coffee also launched their Christmas coffee range this week. Now before you all start calling me traitor I get Costa Coffee on my way to work at the station as there are no Starbucks near the station or in Durham. Now Costa’s Christmas Coffee isn’t as good as Starbucks but they certainly make up for it in their food as they do a mince tart. This is amazing and probably the best mince tart/pie in the world in my opinion. You must try one if you haven’t already done so. I still had a Christmas coffee which was their version of the gingerbread latte which is nice but not as good. It did however cause major confusion as I don’t have to ask what I want they just see me in the queue and make it so I had to act quick but still managed to confuse the poor guy. Now this made me feel bad as I have gone along with this excellent service but I also feel I the right to change my coffee choice if I choose to. It’s a tough decision to make, I suppose it keeps them on their toes. As well as Christmas coffee I have made my list of things I would like and have started thinking about what presents to buy people, I just have to start buying them. I have even started looking at the Christmas music on iTunes and wondering when is it too early to buy the Muppets Christmas Carol Album. I have also bought my Advent calendar. Now this might seem too early to some but last year I left it too late and the decent ones from Thorntons had all sold out. So this year I have bought it today so I will have some decent chocolate to eat.

Well thats about it for this this week. So until next week bye for now.

Top TV programme of the week : Downton Abbey

Top song of the week: Shayne Ward – Gotta Be Somebody

Book I am currently reading: Emma by Jane Austen