This week started off so cold. It is hard getting up at 6am on a morning because it is so dark, but when you add in the cold weather I just want to stay under my duvet.  Talking of duvets I bought a new duvet this week and it is lovely, there is nothing nicer than having a new duvet when it is so cold. The problem is this is making me even more comfy in bed so I am even more reluctant to get up. Not only was it cold but this week it was also slippy on the way to work and as usual Durham station doesn’t seem to want to grit the route down from the station. As a result I look like a bad contestant on Dancing on Ice but without the sequins.

This week of course the main new story has been the Royal Engagement. Now I know there people who think the Royal family are not important. Well I disagree. The monarchy is our political safeguard, the Queen is there to ensure that the country is safe and secure. If not then she has the ability to intervene. Also the monarchy is part of our heritage and is part of our identity. On the topic of the Royal Engagement I am really pleased and think it is right that they have the national day of celebration. I know people are saying its wrong at a time of recession but the Queen got married during a recession and it was good for the morale of the country. So lets hope it really does unite the country in these turbulent times.

This week I have noticed my tolerance levels have been low. I don’t know why but they have and the thing that has really got to me is rude people. People this week seemed to stop saying please or thank you and it really got to me. Is it too much to ask for a simple thanks. Maybe I am just being petty and I know there are more important things in life. I have also been feeling anxious again this week. which hasn’t happened for a while. I think Christmas is always the same for me for some reason so I’m just putting it down to that.

This week I have started to get into the Christmas spirit more. I think there are certain things that trigger it off in people.

1st) Christmas music – this starts getting played in shops and adverts and before I know it I am looking on iTunes for Christmas music.

2nd)Fenwicks Window – This is a North East tradition. Where people go and queue (yes really) to look in a shop window which is decorated with some sort of Christmas Theme. This year it is Santas Grotto.

3rd) Coca-cola (Holidays are coming) Advert. This is another tradition and Coca-Cola invented the red and white Father Christmas we all know and love it is certainly a crucial Christmas element. I have yet to see it this year and according to a friend watching it on Youtube won’t count. The problem is I watch BBC to much.

4th)Christmas Lights – it’s great to see Christmas lights on towns and cities and they are now so much more tasteful now. Its nice to see places lit up when it is so dark and miserable.

5th) Christmas Films/programmes – we all have our favourites mine include A Muppets Christmas Carol, Shrek The Halls, and the BBC version of The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe.

I just need to start my Christmas shopping now.

Yesterday I went to the cinema to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Now I am a big Harry Potter fan and I was expecting good things but also worried that they would mess about with it too much. They didn’t. It was really good and beautifully shot and I really liked the animated bit about the Three Brothers. If you have read the books then you will enjoy it but if you haven’t then you will at times wonder why somethings happen and why they don’t. These questions are answered in the book so big fans will follow the plot easily. The end scene however is very upsetting which I knew it would be as I cried at that part in the book so I knew I would stand no chance with the film. I think you must have a heart of stone not too cry at that scene. I would give the film the rating of 8/10. The big question I have about the films is why does it always rain when I go to see it. No matter what time of year I always get drenched it happened at the premiere last year and also every time I have gone to the cinema to see it. Very spooky.

This week I have also been suffering from blog envy. I know this strange but it is true. Now I really enjoy writing my blog and it is always great that people read it. Now my blog doesn’t usually rely on much planning. Just me typing all my thoughts from the week out on the keyboard and at the end hoping somebody finds it interesting. This week a colleague of mine has started blogging and he is really funny and this is when I realised I was getting blog envy. I suppose thats what happens when you really get into writing a blog. I didn’t think I would and thought I would give up after a few weeks but I have realised its great to do and I have learnt to appreciate other blogs as well. So why not give blogging a go yourself or at the very least try the links I have put on here for other peoples blogs especially new blogger Ben (I have called it The Boro Bard).

So until next week.

Top TV programme of the week : Strictly Come Dancing

Top song of the week: David Ford – To Hell With The World

Book I am currently reading: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S.Lewis