Well winter has well and truly arrived this week and therefore my Christmas feeling is getting stronger. I am even listening to Christmas music that I have put onto my iPod as I type this blog. Hopefully all of you reading this blog are also getting into the Christmas spirit.

The week started off with a first for me. I admit it is not a major event but this week I had gnocchi for the first time. As I type and say the word out loud I realise what an odd word/name it is. It is in fact quite funny (Oh is it just me then) anyway getting back to the story, I had a gnocchi with some roasted squash and roasted peppers in a tomato sauce and really enjoyed it. Now many of you might think I must be really boring if I have never tried it before, now usually I would disagree but it got me thinking about other food I have never eaten but is mainstream. These include risotto, venison, poached eggs and couscous. There probably are more things but these are the things I can think of. Maybe I am going to have to be more adventurous.

This week I have also been surrounded by knitters. Now to be honest I have been for many months but the numbers of colleagues that are fallen under this wooly magic is growing by the day. The best way I can describe it is like a bad zombie movie where one by one the characters get picked off and become Zombies. There are only a few of us who haven’t fallen yet. I was wondering is it just a localised thing or is this happening in workplaces all over the country or even the world and if it is why is not being reported in the news? Maybe the newsreaders are all ready knitters. One colleague who has yet fall under the wooly magic suggested we counter attack. Yeah this happens in the movies what secret weapon could we use – the suggestion wasn’t some high powered machinery it was ….. Airfix! Exactly we stand no chance against the knitters with plastic models paint and glue when they have such weapons as needles (in some cases 4), and the dreaded pom pom maker. Our hope is to remain strong and together – lol!

This week my geekness has also been thrown into doubt. Now surprisingly it is cool to be geeky. All the magazines and TV call it geek chic. I have always embraced my geekness and one of my strengths as a geek apart from my glasses and working in a library is my knowledge in Dr Who. Oh yeah! If I ever went on Mastermind I would choose Dr Who as my subject. However this week I got talking to someone who had knowledge of Dr Who way beyond mine and I felt I lost many geek points. Why does this matter I hear you ask. Well we all have a role to play in life there the cool & trendy people, There are the sophisticated ones, there are the geeks, the sporty ones, the arty ones, the nerds and finally the chavs. I know we all don’t want to fall into some social economic class or group but we all do fall into some group and my heart belongs tot he world of geek with dreams of the cool/trendy and arty groups. So I had better start working on getting those points back and dig out my Dr Who boxset.

This week I also went and got my hair cut. Now this is one of those activities we all have to do and as I have some Christmas events coming up I need to look presentable. So I went and got my hair cut at Toni & Guy. Now I probably have mentioned it before but the guy who does my hair is great but he used to wash my hair as well as cut. Now that he he has worked his way up the hair cutting ladder he no longer washes the hair he gets someone else to do it. The thing with this is that I no longer get the amazing head massage. I don’t know how he does it but he is magic at head massages and the price I pay is worth it for this alone without the hair cut but I am concerned I enjoy it too much. Lately though he hasn’t done it someone else has and despite them trying they don’t have the same magic. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would no longer have the massage so I was surprised when I went and got my hair cut and he washed my hair and I got the massage. It was like an early Christmas present. Now normally when you are happy with good work (I nearly used the word service but that would sound wrong) you tell the person. However it is socially awkward to tell another guy that. Any suggestions anyone??? Oh and if you are wondering the hair cut was good as well.

Now as I mentioned at the start of this blog winter has well and truly set in this week. Not only has the temperature dropped but we have seen the arrival os snow. The snow has got worse over the last few days and I have just wanted to hibernate. But obviously I can’t as I have work to do which means trying to get to work on public transport and then trying not to fall over.

On Thursday which saw the start of the snow my usual train journey of 15 minutes turned into 40 minutes. I then had the challenge of trying to overcome the many hills of Durham most of which had not been gritted without falling over. I did manage to do this and got in just before 9am. now normally the office is almost full at this point. Not this day it wasn’t, we were only just into double figures. For some reason though all our mindsets were one of a survival almost. Every time someone else managed to get in there little cheers as if to say another one of us has made it through the difficult terrain. We seemed to forget that we were in the centre of a city and instead we all seemed to be imagining we all in some remote Arctic wasteland. I know we over dramatise things. Most people managed to get in and normal service resumed.

I love the snow but when walking in it I do struggle especially when it goes from snow to ice. I have yet to fall over but I know it is only a matter of time before I make a spectacle of myself on the ice and I don’t mean on an ice rink.  Hopefully I won’t and also I hope all of you reading this blog also don’t fall either.

Well that is it for this week. I hope you all have a good week and have enjoyed the blog this week. Remember you can comment on any of my blogs.

Just remembered I have a Celeb spot this week.

Celeb Spot!

Ben Clarke from The Apprentice last year (I know its a bit desperate but if it is good enough for Heat Magazine it is good enough my blog)

Top TV programme of the week : Merlin

Top song of the week: Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Book I am currently reading: Stardust by Neil Gaiman