Sorry if you are trying to escape the the topic of snow in my blog. I am afraid it is the main topic this week. It is even snowing on my blog!

All of us who have had snow in the last week are feeling the same. Cheesed off and can’t wait for it to go. It’s like Len Goodman said on Strictly this week “You love it at first then you just can’t wait for it to be over”. We are never happy are we? As child you love the snow it means playing out with your friends, sledging, building snowmen (or snow people if I am being PC), you even get the day off school now. As an adult the novelty and the fun of the snow soon vanishes. Yes it is lovely when you are inside sat by the fire curled up on the sofa but when you have to venture out to work in it you instantly become fed up. If you drive then the roads are a nightmare and you have to fight to get the car started and then you may not even get it off the drive and out of the street. Iy you are using public transport then there delays or cancellations and walking takes twice as long and you start to resemble an arctic explorer. This was me this week. I don’t mind the delays to the train that I except and can deal with as long as I have coffee then thats fine. The walk from the station to work though in the snow is hard work. Steps disappear and become mini ski slopes and it is inevitable that you will fall at least once. One day this week I posted on Facebook and Twitter I was setting off and asked how many times people thought I would fall over. They ranged from 2-16. The person who guessed 2 was correct but there was no harm done except to my pride. I hope that I have now found a way to deal with walking in the snow in the form of wellies. I haven’t had a pair of wellies since I was child. I still resent the fact I wasn’t allowed the Kermit the Frog wellies. If only they did them for adults. anyway I digress I decided I would buy some as well as some really thick socks. It has turned out to be the best investment I have made in a long time. I do love them but when I wear them with my quilted style jacket I do look like a Tory Farmer which is not good but hey what can you do.

As if this disruption wasn’t bad enough the snow has even led to cancellation of events this week. This week I was to have two Christmas meals  one of which was the Staff Christmas party. This just adds to the depressed feeling you have. I admit it was the right decision as people would not have been able to enjoy it and it has only been postponed, but you do sometimes need  a night out to let off steam and just have fun. As well as that I was going to go Christmas shopping up to Newcastle this week but the weather was so bad I just stayed at home. I know I could do it online but I usually like to make a day of it and it helps me get into the Christmas spirit. I did call in to the Christmas market in Durham on my way home on Friday and managed a cup of mulled wine which sort of helped with the Christmas feeling but still I need to work harder to get it back. I mentioned in an earlier blog I was starting to feel Christmassy well that feeling has long gone now.  Even Starbucks Gingerbread lattes can’t fight this bah humbug feeling.

One nice thing to come out of the whole snow ordeal is helping other people. Most of have probably had to push at least one car this week or done some shopping for someone else. This week at work we also took great interest in making sure we all got home safely. We all decided on the three rings theory. Now if you have never heard of the three rings it is what you do when you get back from a journey somewhere and want to someone who is concerned that you have got home safely so you phone them and let it ring three times. So this week we decided to embrace the power of the three rings but in a 21st Century format i.e. Facebook. so when we all got home we put the the phrase “Three Rings”. Its a simple thing to do its a bit of fun but also reassures your friends and family that you are alright so why not start doing it.

The bad weather during the week has obviously put lots of people off from going shopping so they all left it until this weekend. I suppose I am just as guilty of this but it does make the normal shopping experience an even bigger ordeal. In town the shops were really busy, even Starbucks was busy again- “full of the just once a year’ brigade while regulars struggle to get there much needed gingerbread lattes. I did however find amusement when the young posh couple in front of me didn’t realise they had ordered one of the cold coffee’s they were gutted but didn’t want to make a fuss. Even the supermarkets were bad. People were fighting over trolleys, there was no sprouts left it was like Christmas Eve. However I must add that despite all of the frustrations that shopping at this time brings please remember don’t blame the shop worker- other shoppers yes but leave the shop worker alone. They are there to help you but sometimes things are out of their control. Remember a shop worker is for life not just for Christmas.

Another thing you can do while the weather is bad is feed your garden birds. I know its easy to forget but when there is deep snow it is hard for garden birds to find food and they do rely on gardens with people putting out food. Last winter was really harsh and as a result the RSPB saw a huge decline in many common garden birds. Although there are many factors that could contribute to this the bad weather was a large factor in this. If you need more advice on what you can do to help birds in your garden then here is a link to the RSPB you may find useful.

In other news this week I have finally got an iPhone.Those of you who know me know I have been whinging about wanting one for ages but due to the contract I was in I wasn’t due an upgrade to my phone. so it looked like I was stuck with my Blackberry. This week however after another whinge to T-Mobile they gave in and allowed me to upgrade early. So I have now joined the iPhone gang. The question a lot of people have asked is which do I prefer? The iPhone or the Blackberry. The Blackberry was ok as a phone but it wasn’t great for apps especially Facebook and twitter which I use a lot. The iPhone though is meant for apps and is so easy to use and the apps for Facebook and Twitter are much better. So the verdict is that Apple is a far superior fruit to the Blackberry. All I need now is for someone to create an app to get rid of the snow.

I also have to admit this week that due to the adverse weather conditions I haven’t been to the gym.

So if the weather is bad where you are then take care. So until then bye for now.


Celeb Spot

Kenny Atkinson (Chef from Great British Menu)


Top TV programme of the week : Merlin

Top song of the week: Cast of Glee – We Need A Little Christmas

Book I am currently reading: Stardust by Neil Gaiman