By this point in December I am usually full of the Christmas cheer. However I am just not in the mood this year. As I mentioned last week the snow and ice is just getting me down. Just getting to work is an ordeal and I am constantly filled with the fear of am I going to fall or not.

According to a lot of the reports everything in my area is alright now.  By this they actually mean the roads are clear. The footpaths are far from that. They never get gritted or cleared and now it is starting to thaw it is just like a bad ice rink. I am not the best skater in the world – I can stand up thats about it as moving is another matter. However I am sure even Olympic skaters would struggle to skate up hill. It just seems to be the case that if you are a pedestrian you are treated like a second class citizen. During the bad weather when a car was stuck in the snow pedestrians were expected to stop and help the car driver (unless its an Audi driver with a personalised number plate – see earlier blog). However now the snow and ice has gone from the roads car drivers do not bat an eyelid when a pedestrian falls over. They don’t stop to see if they are ok they just drive off laughing and feeling smug. We are all meant to be trying to lower our carbon footprint so walking or using public transport is what we should be doing. What is the incentive for this at the moment. Costs for public transport is going up in the new year, Councils just refuse to grit public footpaths, and no one stops to help pedestrians who have fallen over. So all you car drivers who are reading this blog I know the bad weather is awkward for you sometime but remember the poor pedestrians you are passing who are struggling on their day to day routines.

Last week in my blog I mentioned that I had delays with my train to work which I didn’t mind as long as I was able to have coffee. Well someone obviously had it in for me this week as not only were trains delayed but the coffee machine at Costa at the station was broken so for a couple of mornings it closed. It then did reopen but with the dreaded sign  “we are unable to make coffee”. Arrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Now for those who know me. If I have not had decent coffee and by this I mean fresh ground coffee preferably Starbucks, Costa or Caffe Nero then I not a pretty sight and you certainly don’t want to be around me. My colleagues at work have experienced this and it did strike fear into some of them. As well as being in a bad mood I just can’t function and even the most simple of task becomes a mammoth challenge. For most of this week I did manage to grab a coffee at my destination station. The problem is that with delays I didn’t have much time to drink it. On Friday though I thought I would have time but it turned out I didn’t and I only managed a few slurps of the coffee before having to dash to work. Not only was this a waste of my money but it did nothing for me. I knew this after only being in work a short time when I felt my caffeine headache starting and my tolerance levels rapidly vanishing. Normally I have emergency supplies of Starbucks VIA however these supplies had run out. So I was going to have to last the day without caffeine. I didn’t want to alarm my colleagues of this situation so I just tried to keep going however by lunch time I was not in a good mood and I apologise now to anyone I was sharp with. I have now restocked my Starbuck VIA emergency supplies and I hope the coffee machine at the station is working. I know it sounds like I am a coffee addict and I probably am but there are worse things to be addicted to and if coffee is the only thing I am addicted to then thats not too bad is it really. I blame university I never used to like the stuff until then. They never warn you about this in prospectus’ do they. I wonder how many other people only got into coffee because of university?

As you have probably guessed I have been quite grumpy and miserable most of the week. Now to try and combat this and get into the Christmas spirit I have started writing Christmas cards, and I also started Christmas decorating. This started first of all with my desk at work. Now a lot of us at work decorate out desks for Christmas, some more than others but it is only for a few weeks and who doesn’t smile when they some lights or tinsel. So this is how my desk looked at work this week.

Ok its not exactly breath taking but hey its something little, and yes that is a Starbucks Christmas cup decoration. I admit this decorating did help but I needed more so yesterday I put up the tree at home. It really does help get into the Christmas spirit and at the end of doing it you do feel like you have achieved something. I know it is only an artificial one and I haven’t trekked into the forest to find my own but sometimes life is just too short for things like that.  So here is a picture of my Christmas tree at home.

Now  understand we all like Christmas trees they are pretty but to some they are strange. To my cat it is totally bizarre. While I was putting the tree up she decided to inspect. First of all by sniffing at all the boxes then brush up against the tree and then she remembered it from last year and dived right under at the back. She loves this. In fact she loves it so much that during the year when the tree is not there she seems to pretend it is there and dives in the same corner pretending to lay underneath. The other thing about the tree is that it does bemuse her. She just sits there mesmerised by the baubles and I can just imagine that her mind goes blank and goes ‘Ohhhh pretty shiny things’ a bit like Puss in Boots in Shrek The Halls. After an incident with a Santa on  a low branch in a previous year we do try not to put decorations too low down. However she still manages to find a way.

Well thats it for this week. Hopefully next week will be better.

So until then bye for now.


Top TV programme of the week : Coronation Street

Top song of the week: The Plastiscines – Barcelona

Book I am currently reading: Stardust by Neil Gaiman