This week has been a very tiring and long week. Work was manic for the first half of the week and was a constant battle with book returns, if it is possible to drown in books I nearly did this week, as a result I am really tired this weekend and really looking forward to some time off.

Now I understand some of you are concerned (if you are not concerned thats fine as well) about me not getting coffee on a morning as all last week Costa Coffee at the train station was closed. Well I can inform you that normal service has resumed  and I am able to get coffee. It turns out the other week it wasn’t just me who got irritable due to a lack of coffee. On Monday while getting served another guy joined the queue behind me and said loudly “thank goodness you have coffee back on, I don’t have to rip the heads off of my work colleagues all week.” This just made me laugh and I turned around and said “Oh you to huh!”.  What is interesting is that at least two work places in the country suffered the wrath of un-caffeinated work colleagues. So when you think about it all of these numerous coffee shops and kiosks are all actually providing a vital service to the economy as they are ensuring that work places are running properly with with caffeine fuelled workers.

This week I also experienced a mini disaster my new wellies ripped. In fact I think it was more of a pop. After only having them just over 2 weeks they are now no longer usable. This is rubbish as they certainly should have lasted longer than this. I won’t be shopping there again. I decided though I did need some winter boots that will help in the snow and ice so I have bought some snow boots which are great and hopefully they will last. Ironically all the bad weather that was predicted has not reached where I am. So I well prepared but don’t them just yet.

On the subject of bad weather I am so sick of the news coverage of snow in the country. A few weeks ago the North East and Scotland had far worse snow than what the South has received but these regions kept going. According to the new reports the South has ground to a halt.Now this may not be the case it could just be exaggerated news coverage. I don’t believe that London the Capital city is struggling to cope with a bit of snow. Over the centuries London has had far worse weather and coped. It even survived the Blitz where the motto of Keep Calm and Carry On was an everyday action. Now it is almost like a national disaster and this is not helped by reports saying Christmas is ruined. I bet my trains during the week will be delayed due to snow, there will be no post etc. Oh come on just get on with it. Yes I understand there will be delays that is fine but don’t go into panic mode over some snow after all it is just water.

My Christmas shopping has gathered pace but I also keep buying things for myself which I shouldn’t really do. Although one thing I did get was a book. The book is called Wintercraft by Jenna Burtenshaw (she is a local author who is doing really well). I hears about this book and Jenna through Twitter and was really pleased to see a local writer doing well. So I went to the book signing this week which was good as I  finally got to meet her but also I think more people should support local authors. They say there is a book inside all of us but the reality of getting one published is difficult so when I see a local writer doing a book signing at a bookstore I do show interest. As well as supporting a local author it gives you the opportunity to try something new. I have a link to Jenna Burtenshaws’ website on this blog if you want to know more about her and her books.

This weekend I also caught up with some of my friends for drinks and food. Now it shows how often I actually go out because when my friend said where we were going I didn’t have a clue where it was. Thanks goodness for my iPhone which sorted it out for me. Once I had this sorted I actually had a good time and had probably the poshest Christmas dinner possible with an amazing desert of hot chocolate fondant with toffee sauce and ice cream.

Well thats it for this week. It is scary to think that by next Sunday Christmas will be over. I aiming to do a blog on Boxing Day so I hope you will enjoy that. I’m about to go to see some stand up comedy now so will talk about that as well next week.

So until then Happy Christmas.

Top TV programme of the week : The Apprentice

Top song of the week: Michael Buble – My Grown Up Christmas List

Book I am currently reading: A Christmas Carol and other Christmas writings by Charles Dickens