Well this has been one busy week for me.

At the end of last weeks blog I said I was off to see some comedy. The lineup included Andrew Ryan, Sadie Hasler, Jason Cook and the headline act was Russell Kane. It was a great night and there were some really good acts. The venue had unreserved seating so when we arrived it was already packed and the seats available for us were on the front row. Now everyone knows this is a dangerous place to sit at a comedy gig. I have sat before on the front row when I went to see Mark Watson but he is not usually the type to pick on members of the audience. The same I felt couldn’t be said for this gig especially after the MC for the evening Andrew Ryan started the evening with mentioning someone who had contacted him via Twitter. This trend was followed by Jason Cook who also did the same. I was now starting to regret sending a tweet to Russell Kane saying I was looking forward to the gig. By the end of the night all but one person on the front row had been picked on and remarkably the one person was me. When the headline act Russell Kane came on there was a heckler. Now I don’t get the point of heckling the main act just after he has started. He was the main reason why people had gone to the comedy night. Russell Kane was great though at turning the situation and soon got back on track. Overall it was great night and it was so good to see such a high profile comedy act such as Russell Kane in such a small venue in Darlington.

On Monday at work it was our Secret Santa. Now this is always good fun but there is also an element of nervousness as well. You always fear someone will get you something tacky and embarrassing. Over the years I have had some great presents and some not so. This year whoever got me knew me very well as I got a big bar of chocolate and a Glee calendar. This is a great present so whoever got me then thank you so much.

Also on on Monday night, Hospital Radio was doing a special request show. It involved most of the presenters and we took it in turns to go on air and then go up on the wards to see the patients. All the patients who had requested were put into a prize draw and at the end of the night they may have won a prize. This is the first time since doing Hospital Radio that we have done anything like this and it was so much fun. Not only was good actually doing something worthwhile at Christmas time for other people but also from the stations point of view I think we all needed reminding why we do what we do. I think we have sort of lost the idea that we are all in it as a team and we need to do more group things as well as just doing our own shows. We also do need more volunteers as well so if or someone else wants to get involved or just learn more about what Hospital Radio does then leave me a comment or tweet me.

This week I have still had my daily battles with the cold weather I have usually won these battles but on Tuesday I almost lost. There was no snow on Tuesday but the temperature was so low. To make things worse my train was massively delayed and there was no coffee at Costa due to the water pipes of the coffee machine freezing up. With all of this I knew it was going to be a bad day.  Eventually my train arrived and once in Durham I started walking to work as usual. I was well wrapped up I had many layers on including thick jumper and thick coat, scarf, gloves, hat and snow boots. But halfway to work I could hardly feel my legs and that is no word of a lie. By the time I had got into work I was totally frozen. My lack of coffee wasn’t even my main concern although a work colleague was and even offered to make me coffee (am I really that scary without coffee – oh yeah I am). I don’t think I properly warmed up all day. I just hoped that it had not been so bad and affected by sinus’. I will talk later about that. All week it has been so cold and we have even had more snow. On Wednesday this was the scene in Durham.

The River Wear frozen with snow on the top. It wasn’t just a small part of the river. It was like this most of the way around the city centre. It was very beautiful to look at but did reinforce how cold it has been this week.

At work this week we also had our Christmas lunchtime party. Now sometimes this is good sometimes its not. This time however it was good. I think because so far everything else Christmas related had gone wrong we were glad to have some Christmas themed we could all get involved in. It was also my last day before the holidays so it was a nice way to end the year at work. It also turned out to be the only time I have had the Christmas feeling this year.

Then of course we have had Christmas Day. Although it didn’t actually snow there was still loads of it on the ground so it was a white Christmas. The day started off great despite my sinus’ being very painful. I got some great presents and my parents really liked theirs. We then went to my Uncle’s for Christmas lunch. This is always great day and I was having a great time but as the day went on my sinus problem was turning into a head cold so by the end of the night I was feeling bad and fed up with myself. This really took the shine off the day and just summed up the rubbishness of this month. I was mainly worried that I was spoiling it for other people. I know its not nice being ill at anytime but on Christmas Day it just makes it even worse. Although saying that at least I was spending Christmas with family and for most of the dayI was enjoying myself as I know not everyone is able to do have this. One thing that struck me the most this Christmas was the use of technology. Some of my family members have discovered Skype. This isn’t something I use but they do so on Christmas Day My aunt and uncle who are in Florida at the moment appeared on the laptop screen then later on in the day my cousin in the midlands also came on. It just made realise how much technology has become a major part of our lives and will continue to do so and it was actually nice to have this on Christmas Day for some reason.

Well thats it for this week and maybe even this year as I am not sure if I will do special review of the year blog or not yet. So you will just have to wait and see.


Top TV programme of the week : QI Christmas Special

Top song of the week: Cast of A Muppet Christmas Carol – One More Sleep Til’ Christmas

Book I am currently reading: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini