Hi everyone!

Well this week has been a bit of an eventful one. At the start of the week I found out that I have been accepted to run the Great North Run. For those who know me you will know running is not my strong point in fact most sport is not my thing however I have wanted to do something like this for a while and think that my 30th year is the time to do it. Now my initial reaction to this was Arrggghhhhh!!! but then it turned into more Yeah I’m up for this challenge – Bring it on!!!! (I did say this but didn’t shout it too loud). Well I sort of have to now don’t I. It means I have to go to the gym now, no excuses unless genuinely ill. I am actually looking forward to it as it will be something to focus on and if I complete it then it will be an achievements for me this year. I will keep you all up to date with how my preparations are going. I will be running for charity and will be raising money for Hospital Radio.

Also this week I went to the new Exhibition at Durham University – Treasures of Durham University. It was really interesting and from a book lovers point of view it was great to see first eds of Pride & Prejudice and Oliver Twist as well as the famous first Shakespeare folio. It is such a shame to see such a work of art with so much damage but at least it will be restored. It certainly is well worth a visit.

This week was my works rearranged Christmas Party. Now it is always odd when you have a Christmas event in January. The meal also turned out to be a joint leaving do for two work colleagues. From the start of the night the DJ was playing Christmas music. Now during the meal this was OK but he did it a bit during the rest of the night and although I love Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ at Christmas but THREE times in one night is excessive. It was still a good night but I did break my promise of not dancing anymore. If you remember back to September when I was at a friends wedding I seemed to dance a little too much (and not that good) I even did air guitar which has mentally scarred me. So because of this I said I wouldn’t dance anymore at parties. I held out against the first Kylie track but the second proved too much and I gave in. I didn’t dance as much as normal but I still danced a bit even through the horrible flashbacks of last time. So dancing Tim is back but not as intense (well hopefully).

This coming week is also my last week in my Twenties and I am now in too minds about hitting 30. I am better with the idea now and basically there is nothing I can do about it so going to have to meet it head on.

So until next week (my last blog as a twenty something) its bye for now

Top TV programme of the week : Glee

Top song of the week: Cee Lo Green – Forget You

Book I am currently reading: Resurrectionist by James McGee