Hi everyone and welcome to my last blog as a twentysomething. Yeah thats right I about to enter my thirties and all this week my emotions have gone from being totally fine about it to ‘arrrrghh’. Now I know it is really silly and its just another year but when you are little you always say by the time I’m 30 I will have done or will be ….. . I suppose it has just made me realise that I need to sort myself out and start living my life and not just drifting. I look at my friends and see that they are all settled and  are where they want to be in life. Now I suppose it might be a bit of the grass is always greener but I wouldn’t mind just a shade of green from it. It is strange how we have made 30 such a big deal. I don’t know where it came from this nervousness about basically another year. Well wherever it cam from I know that things will only change if I make them change so I am going to have to start living.

Its been a few weeks since I last ranted about travelling on trains. All this week the trains have been very busy and overcrowded. I think this is partly due to the cost in petrol so many people are swapping their car for the train. Now I am all in favour of this but it does mean that these train newbies need to learn train etiquette. Business people need to learn that their are no private offices on a train so don’t moan when people ask you to move you stuff off the two extra seats. You only paid for the one. If you want more space upgrade to First class. I also think that those with a season pass either weekly, monthly or annually should get priority. We are keeping the train companies going so we surely deserve at least a seat.

Its not only the train journey on the way to work that can get ranting. The other part of my journey that I usually rant at is because of schools. now I am not a parent so things may be different if I was but surely if you are taking your child to school when you arrive don’t block paths by opening every single door of your audi or 4×4. I wouldn’t mind if they apologised but they don’t then they just saunter on like in a dream. I thought parents said the school run was stressful. If some of them went any slower they would stop. Oh I actually they do. then you get parents who just them loose on a bike or scooter bashing into people and once again no apology. Maybe I am being mean but all I ask is they show some consideration.

This week I started my birthday celebrations early with a meal with some friends on Friday. It was a really great night and is something that would be nice to do more often. I sometimes take friendship for granted. Maybe we all do sometimes but I realised I have known these people since nursery really and we are still friends. In a strange sort of way we are probably I bit closer now than we have ever been. So I want to say a big thank you to all of them now.

My friends also got me a balloon for my birthday which they had tied to my chair in the restaurant. Which was really nice but now its home has totally confused my cat. Normally string means to her that she attacks it. She is not used to have a shiny thing on attached floating at the top of it. So she just sits underneath looking up then down and then meowing at me. Its soooo funny.

Well thats it for this week. Thirties here I come ready or not.

Top TV programme of the week : Glee

Top song of the week: Glee Cast – Stronger

Book I am currently reading: The Owl Killers by Karen Maitland