Welcome to my first blog as a thirtysomething!

Yeah this week saw me turn 30. The thing that I have been dreading for so long has finally happened and of course it was all fine. As I said in last weeks blog I knew it  was silly to worry about it but its one of those things that is quite daunting the closer you get.I blame all those American films and TV shows enforcing the belief that 30 is some big biological deadline.  I had a great day and was overwhelmed by all the cards, messages and presents. My birthday celebrations didn’t end there either as on Saturday I went to Newcastle for almost a full day of celebrations. It started with coffee at Starbucks, then we went to to the cinema, then food at Nandos and finally ending with drinks. I have been planning this for months now and was getting a little stressed with the organising of it as people were coming to different parts of the day. This has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time. In the past my birthdays have always been a compromise with other people i.e. arranging something to keep others happy, fitting in with other arrangements etc. I wanted this birthday to be different and be about what i want. I think people did enjoy it and it was great to see so many people there, it meant a great deal. I was glad  it all worked out fine and I had a great day/night. This whole birthday experience has really made me appreciate my friends a lot more. I have never really felt close to people before I think due to distancing myself from people at school as a form of defence because of bullying. I was always worried that it would start on them so I did distance myself a bit. I still had friends but not in the way I do now. I do feel now that if I wanted to talk about anything I could talk to any of them. In a way this realisation was the best present of all. (I know that sounds naff and cheesy but its true).

The film I went to see as part of my birthday celebrations was Black Swan which stars Natalie Portman. Now up until now the only films I have seen which Natalie Portman appears in are the new Star Wars films. I know she has done more critically acclaimed stuff than that since but I have never been convinced that she can act. Black Swan though has changed my mind. She was brilliant in the film. It is a great film but does get in your head and stays with you for the next day or so. It is certainly a psychological thriller NOT a nice dance movie. I would rate the film 4/5.

Now I am 30 I am going to start living. I have been drifting for far too long and I am now going to have to get a grip and move on in all aspects of my life. Other people have done it so I’m going to give it ago as well. Hopefully within the next year I will have made some steps in this process. Life is too short not too!

So until next week


Top TV programme of the week : Glee

Top song of the week: The Overtones – Gambling Man

Book I am currently reading: The Owl Killers by Karen Maitland