Hi everyone!

For those of you who are regular readers and expect to see this blog a lot earlier on a Sunday then I am sorry but I have had something else that I needed to do. I also want to say a big thank you to all of you who read last weeks blog. I had the most views I have ever had for one blog – 52!!!.  Anyway here is this weeks blog and for those of you who have an allergy to ranting you may find some of this blog distressing.

Many of you who are regular readers to this blog will know I like my coffee. OK I am slightly addicted to coffee. Ok maybe more than slightly but anyway my morning routine depends on me getting coffee. This is not just for may state of mind but also for the welfare of my work colleagues. At the beginning of this week I was waiting to get served at Costa Coffee at the train station (only because there is no Starbucks at the station). My train was almost due to arrive but there was only one woman in front so it was Ok. Or so I thought. I didn’t expect her to be the most annoying ditzy indecisive person though. Now at this point I would like to remind readers that Costa do Italian style coffee. The woman then asked for a coffee which is half coffee and half frothy milk. So the barrista suggested Cappuccino. no this wasn’t right. So then they suggested a Latte. This wasn’t right either. By this time there was a huge queue and we were all annoyed, the tutting was getting louder. After eventually going through every type of coffee they do the woman replied “No its a French coffee I want, I was able to get one last week – in Paris”. How I refrained from shouting “THEY ONLY DO ITALIAN STYLE!!!!!” I don’t know. In the end she went for an Americano with milk. Nothing at all like the drink she originally asked for. In the end I did get served and catch my train.

This week has been about books for me. For my birthday I got a lot of Amazon vouchers so I have a had a massive splurge on books. Nothing makes me happier than buying books for myself especially when its vouchers (its guilt free). I bought some classics and books that have been recommended to me so will keep me busy for a long time.

This week I also went to my local public library. Due to the cuts in funding many councils are either cutting or closing their library services. This is an outrage and on Saturday it was Save Libraries Day. The idea was for people to basically go down and use their public library to show why its needed and also to rediscover they joy of visiting them. Cutting or closing libraries never makes sense to me. Now I may be biased I work in libraries but I worry that these decisions are made by top officials who don’t actually know what a modern day library does and the services that it offers. The days of a library being a silent place with librarians dressed in tweed looking down on people through horn rimmed spectacles has long gone. Libraries are modern places where can meet and socialise, do courses, gain IT skills, access the internet, as well as borrow books. I had forgotten how good it is just to wander around the library looking for books to read. No hassle, no pressure pure bliss! Some councils say that these cuts or closures are needed to to ensure the most vulnerable in society are protected. I agree that a library should not be saved at the expense of the most vulnerable but this is not the case as the most vulnerable are still being hit but the likes of golf clubs, and sports centres saved. IT is true we are going through a bad time in the economy and that is why libraries are needed to help growth. Unemployment is rising, more people are looking for work. Most jobs that you have to apply for have to be done online. If people are unemployed then they cut back on things at home and the internet will be one of them. So if they don’t have the internet at home they will need to use it somewhere such as the library. If libraries close or cut this service then people will struggle to find jobs which means the economy will continue to struggle. Also even if people still have a job their general cost of living is going up so they will still need to cut back on things. So where in the past they may have bought books to read they now may not be able to afford to so they will want to borrow books from libraries. Libraries also support authors. Many libraries help get local writers on a foothold into the world of literature and that is why so many authors came out in support of them this week. Many of us think a library will always be there, that we have a moral right to have a local library. Its true that there is a law that states local authorities have to provide some sort of library service but there is no moral right to have a library in the way that we do now. It’s ok for David Cameron to say let volunteers run them. What he fails to remember is that librarians at all levels have to learn so many skills and so much knowledge. I would like to see Cameron or Clegg try to classify a book on Medieval Icelandic & Yorkshire Widows!!!! So don’t take it for granted. Go down and use your library before its too late.

Ok thats my rant over with for this week. On a happier note the Six Nations Rugby has started!!!! I normally don’t like sport but I love watching the Six Nations – I always end up supporting either France or Ireland. So for about a month I feel all manly then after that its back to my normal geeky slightly camp self.

So until next week bye for now!

Top TV programme of the week : Dancing on Ice

Top song of the week: Bruno Mars – Runaway Baby

Book I am currently reading: The Owl Killers by Karen Maitland