Hi everyone!

This week has been a busy week. We all get those days when sometimes you just want more hours in the day and this week I have felt like that and I really want a long weekend sometime but anyway thats life and I wouldn’t change it (well not totally)

I want to start off with something that I forgot to put in my blog last week and that is to do with World Book Night. This year on March 5th it is the very first World Book Night. The organisers behind this event have taken on the challenge of giving away 1 million books to people. To do this, a few months ago they asked for volunteers to choose a book title from a list of 25 that they would recommend to other people and if you were selected then you would be given 48 copies of this book to give away. Well I have found I have been chosen to do this and I am going to do it with Hospital Radio. The book I will be championing is ‘One Day by David Nicholls’ which is a brilliant modern novel andI am so pleased that he is starting to get the recognition he deserves as a writer. So if anyone knows of any local authors who are prepared to give up half an hour on Saturday March 5th then contact me by leaving a comment or tweet me.

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog then you will know that I am running the Great North Run in September (there may be some walking involved as well). So to help me get in shape I have been going to the gym. Now I will be honest with you all I have been a bit hit and miss with the gym lately mainly because of things clashing with my usual times or I have had cold.sinus problems. Anyway I went on Wednesday as normal but it was packed, I could hardly get on the equipment. Now many people may think that this is good that so many people want to get fit and improve their health. I would usually agree however it was full of chavs. They were not working out they were just messing about and trying to  impress each other. What is the point of this, in fact what is the point of Chavs. They are basically the wasps of the human world annoying, nasty and have no real use.  This is really frustrating but I suppose thats what I get for going to council gym rather than a posh state of the art one. You certainly get what you pay for.  Anyway once the nights get lighter I will be running outside so that will be a bit easier, well maybe not easier but will mean I wont have interruptions to training.

This week also saw a first for me. It saw me go to the ballet for the first time. Now I know what you are all thinking first Black Swan now actually watching ballet what next?? Don’t worry I wont start wearing ballet shoes and tights.Now people who know me know that I like watching dance. This is true but usually when it comes to ballet I  really struggle with it. However the production I went to see was Matthew Bourne’s version of Cinderella. For those of you who have not heard of Matthew Bourne then he is probably the best choreographer in the country at the moment. I have wanted to see some of his productions for a long time now and this week I finally got to see one. This version of Cinderella is set during the Blitz and is set against the backdrop of the bombing of the Cafe de Paris in London. I really enjoyed this fresh and original approach to ballet and the performances were amazing. If you get the chance to see it or any of his work then I highly recommend that you do.

Now its time for the deep and meaningful part of my blog. This weekend I have also been thinking about myself and where I want to go with my life. Now I have talked about this before and I am sorry to bore you again with it but I do feel like I want to discuss things. Thats the beauty of blogs I can talk about things that are on my mind which I want to talk about but sometime struggle with in person. I often get like this around Valentines Day. I know there is nothing worse than someone moaning about single but I feel that everyone deserves the chance at a relationship and that I haven’t been given the chance to do so. I want to spend a Sunday just lazing with someone, making breakfast for them, going for walk etc. I am sure if its meant to happen it will.  I think in the past one of my biggest problems is my self confidence. I have never felt that I was that good in anything really. But recently I have learnt that I am not too bad. Ok I am not a model but I am also no minger. Also I can do things and I need to shout about this more well if I don’t none else is are they. Over the last few months I have been thinking about me as a  person and learning to accept me and not try and be what others expect or think I should be. Most people do this at uni but I never did and its one of my big regrets. I also want to make more of an effort with people. Sometimes I hold back, I get nervous talking about myself and I think this puts distance between myself and others. I don’t mean to do it it just happens and I need to stop this. It’s not protecting me its actually pushing me away and thats the last thing I need. I have some great friends but I also know that I have let some friendships slip and I regret this as sometimes its those very people I need to talk to or get advice from but I worry that its too far gone to make that contact with them. I know that this happens to friendships and it is a two way thing but I do sometimes feel its my fault. So if by any chance you think this is you then get in touch. Trying to get a grip on your life isn’t easy and is quite scary but it is something I have to do but any advice guys then I’m all ears. Hopefully one day this Cinderella will get to go to the ball.

So until next week bye for now


Top TV programme of the week : Glee: Rocky Horror Show

Top song of the week: Cast of Glee – Touch a touch a touch a me.

Book I am currently reading: The Owl Killers by Karen Maitland