Sorry! One little word but I mean it in a big way.

This week has been a bad week as those around me will know. The thing is I wasn’t good to be around and I pushed people away who I actually needed and also caused them a lot of concern and for this I apologise. My friends and family mean everything too me and I should have shown them that respect back.Admittedly all this is easy to say with hindsight but its true. So to each and everyone of you who reads this and was trying to help me this week then I owe you all an apology and I am so glad that this week is now over and I appreciated everything you all tried to do. It doesn’t mean my life is OK (far from it), its not and I still have some barriers that I have to deal with. Theres no room to skirt around them so I’m going to have to either break through them or jump them, and I am rubbish at jumping, so breaking through its got to be.

Normally when I feel bad I usually try to find some sort of escape through TV or film or books. The problem is I kept seeing too many of my issues in these programmes or films. So my only other escape is books. I genuinely believe all of life’s mysteries and problems can be solved through books, They can also be solved through talking to friends and family but sometimes I don’t want to hear what they say even its is exactly what I should be hearing. With books though you just have to find the right book and I am still searching or actually maybe I have found it and not ready to read it yet. Books however have been a distraction for me this week with me being involved in World Book Night.

This was first year that World Book Night was taking place and the idea was that 1 million books would be given away by volunteers to members of the public. There was 25 titles to choose from and each volunteer was asked to pick a book from this list that they would recommend to 48 other people. I was one of these volunteers and was given 48 copies of the hit novel ‘ One Day’ by David Nicholls to give away. I decided to combine this with Hospital Radio where with others from the station we did a special live show and had an interview with local author Jenna Burtenshaw. In the end the evening went well but earlier on it wasn’t looking good as the books hadn’t arrived, they did eventually turn up and it was quite weird walking out of Waterstones with 48 books and not having to pay for them. In the end it all worked out and now more people will have discovered the joy of David Nicholls and more importantly they will have rediscovered the joy of reading. David Nicholls even sent a good luck message as well. Although this was a lot of work and planning it did take my mind off things and got me involved in something constructive. This was important as I was suffering from major confidence issues. This just proved to myself that I can do things and I am prepared to try new things. Basically I showed myself what my friends had been saying all week and I hadn’t listened to them.

I can’t say if my week ahead is going to get better I will just have to wait and see.

Thanks again for reading this and thanks to all of those who were there for me last week.

So until next time its bye for now.

Top TV programme of the week : My Life In Books

Top song of the week: Cast of Wicked – What Is This Feeling?

Book I am currently reading: The Understudy by David Nicholls