Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog.

Hopefully this weeks blog won’t be as depressing as the last few have been. I have had a better week this week many of you will be glad to know and I have put the last few weeks behind me so hopefully this blog will be less self pitying. I am afraid to say this week has been fairly quiet so nothing too much to rant about.

This week it was of course Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day). This is when you decide to give something up for Lent. This year I have not given anything up. Now I know this is bad but the way I have been feeling lately if I had to give up something I use a lot of might not be good for me or those around me. Especially if it was coffee. So no I haven’t given anything up but well done to all of you who have and maybe I will be able to do something next year. As well as deciding (or in my case deciding not to) give something up for Lent it is the time of the year we have pancakes. In fact it is the only time of the year I have pancakes. I don’t know why this is the case there is no law that says you can only have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Because of this I think thats the reason why I enjoy them so much. Now there has been much debate with colleagues this week about whether you have savoury or sweet pancakes or both. I personally don’t like savoury pancakes. It is just wrong!  Now I know its just the same mixture as Yorkshire puddings but they are different. So its sweet all the way for me. My preferred filling is vanilla ice cream with golden syrup. (just in case you were wondering).

This week I have tried a different walk to work. I had heard of this route but had never tried it until the other week. Now unless I need something in the centre of town I go this route. Its less crowded and has stunning views of the cathedral and is also a little bit quicker.  The only downside is that its up a very steep bank but hey I need the exercise. This route won’t be good though during the bad weather so better make the most of it at the moment.

This week I also caught up with some friends. Its always good to meet up. I think they had been a little worried about me lately. In fact the words one of them used were “I was partly concerned the other part just wanted to pick you and shake you”. Thats why they are good friends. They tell it as it is and in fact they were spot on. After the last few weeks I have needed a wake up call and a good shake. I know what I need to do I just have to do it. Knowing I have such good friends who support me means a great deal and will help me when I do decide to sort myself out. Hopefully that won’t be too long. My friends have also commented that the blogs are getting shorter. This isn’t deliberate just how it is. Will try to improve on this over the next few weeks.

Of course this week like many of you I have been shocked by the scenes from Japan following the earthquake and the Tsunami that hit. Its so hard to even get my head around what has happened and my heart goes out to everyone in Japan. Things like this put everything into perspective. I might have been having a bad time lately but when you hear about events like this it puts everything into perspective. No matter what is going on in your life you never know what is going to happen so you need to make the most of now. I just hope that Japan recovers quickly and becomes stronger because of it.

Well thats it for this weeks blog.  Thanks again for reading.

Top TV programme of the week : Glee

Top song of the week: Glee – True Colours

Book I am currently reading: Mystery Man by Bateman