Hi and welcome to my latest blog.

If I had to sum this week in one word it would be ‘tiring’. It was a busy time at work this week and I haven’t been sleeping well so by Wednesday I was shattered. I felt tired but thought I was Ok then I looked in the mirror and it wasn’t a pretty sight (even more than normal). So I have tried to rest this weekend, which I have done but have still woken up really early as it is so light on a morning now. There is just no pleasing me. The thing is I am quite an active person so I like to be doing something so on Saturday night I was feeling bored and had the strong urge to go out. I didn’t though.Now I know they say that staying is is the new going out but I never really went out before.  Instead I stayed in and had a couple of glasses of rose and watched Christopher and his Kind on TV. It was a really good programme and was part of the BBC’s Year of Books programming although I have seen Matt Smith (aka Dr Who) in a whole new light. I suppose staying was for the best really but think I do need to go out more. I really enjoyed it when I went out for my birthday so need to make more of an effort to do that. I really like Newcastle so maybe I will have to try a night out there again sometime.

When I get tired I suppose like a lot of people I get anxious and a bit irritable so once again I have probably not been good to be around. I just have to take a bit of care of myself and not run myself down. I think I need some time to recharge my batteries. Really I think I am just in need of a holiday and a bit (actually make that a lot) of me time. I haven’t booked anything yet so I had better get a move on and do something.

This week was also Comic Relief. Now this is always good fun, but the TV show is such an emotional roller coaster. One minute you are laughing at the Smithy sketch then the next thing you are bawling your eyes out at the heartbreaking videos they show.  One of the things that I followed to with Comic Relief was the 52 hour broadcast that Chris Moyles did on Radio 1. Now to some people they would think just sitting in a room talking on a microphone would be easy and you could do it as long as you want. How wrong you would be. I know from my experience on Hospital Radio that it is hard to do a show and thats just 2 hours.How you can do a 52 hour broadcast with little or no sleep is beyond me.

Now I conscious that this is a short blog (not much has been happening lately) but I don’t just want to rant for the sake of it so I will say goodbye for now.

Top TV programme of the week : Christopher and his Kind

Top song of the week: Claire Maguire – You’re Electric

Book I am currently reading: Mystery Man by Bateman