Well this has been quite an interesting week, but it did start off quite badly.

Many of you who read my blog on a regular basis or follow my tweets or Facebook status updates will know that I like my coffee. In fact I need coffee first thing on a morning. I don’t have any other vices so I think this s acceptable. However if I don’t get coffee on a morning then I am not best to be around. Add in the combination of it being a Monday morning and you know its going to be a bad day. I have mentioned before how much I value the various coffee shops that are available they provide a valuable and essential service to the well being of this country. To me my coffee shop visit on a morning is my equivalent of filling up the car with petrol. Its even about the same price now. So on Monday I was on my way to work and went to call at Costa Coffee at the station as I always do. I go there that often I don’t even have to tell them what I want they just do it. Which is great service. This Monday morning however the usual staff were off (well I suppose they are entitled to holidays) and as replacement they had less experienced staff on. This meant the queue was about 15 deep when I got to it. I also only had 4 minutes till my train (trains are never late when you want them to be). Now here was my dilemma do I have coffee or not. This might not seem like life or death but actually it might well be. If I was on my own at work then it would be fine but I work with other people who have seen me without coffee and it has scared them. Still I need to get to work so after saying out loud in an almost diva style strop “Oh for goodness sake I can’t wait around” I then make a dash for my train. On my train journey though I am doing the maths and thinking can I still manage to grab a coffee at the other station and get to work on time. I decide for the sake of my work colleagues I have to try. This would have worked if the coffee shop at the other station hadn’t made my coffee so hot that it actually burnt my mouth. So after 4 very very hot mouthfuls I look at my watch and decide I have to go otherwise I would be late. I do make it into work almost in time but my coffee headache has started. Now I can imagine what some of you are thinking most of which I probably can’t put in print, but I am sure some of you will be saying “well just have coffee at break time”. This is a valid point, the problem though is that as well as being a coffee addict I am also a coffee snob which means the coffee that would be available would not be suitable and just annoy me even more. In the end I did manage to get through the day with a lack of coffee without shouting too much at people. The following day normal was resumed. So to all coffee shop owners out there. Remember to have your most experienced staff on serving before 9am, this is when your country needs you the most.

Coffee rage wasn’t my only travel problem this week as a few days after this there were major delays on the railways which meant that I was going to be late in. If this happened on the Monday it would have at least solved the coffee problem. Now it has been a while since there were major delays and as a seasoned rail traveller I am used to it but it still makes me mad about the poor communication they give to passengers. Yes they made announcements saying why there were delays, which got gradually worse.

First announcement: To passengers on platform 4 we are sorry there is a delay to your journey due to signalling problems south of Darlington.

Second Announcement: To passengers on on platform 4 we are sorry there is a delay to you journey due to signalling failure south of Darlington.

Did you notice the worsening of the situation from problem to failure? They then reported that the 8:05am train to Aberdeen was now cancelled. They repeated this message at least 4 times. The problem was they didn’t update the departures board with this so it was just listed as delayed along with all the other trains. Surely it can’t be too difficult to update the board to show cancelled otherwise you are getting peoples hopes up and then just confusing people. In the end my train turned up and I was only 30 minutes late for work. Thank goodness for flexi-time.

For my regular readers you will know that I have been saying I have a lot to think about at the moment. Don’t worry I am not going to start moaning too much. But if anyone wants to be my life coach then feel free to get in touch. Although I have declined the offer of being hit over the head with a stick by a baboon (Aka Lion King ). Any toher suggestions are more than welcome though.

This week I have also added a new experience to my fitness regime. After a bit of thinking and talking to people I decided to try Zumba. Now this might sound like a character from The Lion King but it is in fact a form dance/exercise. It combines Latin and international music with dance in an attempt to make exercise fun. It certainly is fun but I am completely useless at it. Also it was a bit weird basically working out in such an intense way while the instructor did moves that often involved shaking his booty and being a little sensual with himself. well I was told to have an open mind. Any way it was good fun and I do ache all over so it must have done something all though I have a very long way to go before I am the male equivalent of Shakira or Beyonce.

This week has been the first week that it has felt like Spring. The weather has been quite nice and all the blossom is starting to come out and the grass is being cut. This is not so great though if like me you suffer with sinus trouble/hayfever, but at least the weather is changing and hopefully the winter is now over.

Today was also the day we have to complete our Census forms. Now lots of people seem to be saying that its a waste of time and money. Personally I don’t mind doing it. Its only every 10years and is quite nice to record our history for future generations. For anyone who has or is doing family history the Census is a valuable resource. Yes I am sure there are improvements to that can be made to the Census but I do think we should still do in some form. So hopefully you have all done yours and if not then you better get a move on otherwise there is hefty fine.

Well thats it for another week. Also please take part in my poll at the bottom of this blog. I am trying to decide which book to read next. I keep changing my mind so I thought it would be good to ask your opinion.

Top TV programme of the week : Glee

Top song of the week: Cast of Glee – Thriller/Heads Will Roll

Book I am currently reading: Tickling The English by Dara O’Briain