This week has been a fairly quiet week for me.

This week has mainly consisted of work, which has been quite busy but hampered a little with computer system upgrades. The word upgrade suggests improvement and should have benefits to a user of the system. In the long term this is usually the case but for some reason its not like this from the start and the phrase ‘The computer says no” is the best way to sum things up. When things like this don’t work it makes you realise how much we rely upon computers to do our everyday tasks, and when they stop working its a sort of shock to the system and we left a little startled and unsure what to do. Of course we can carry on with out them but it does go to prove how much we rely upon them.

This week I have also decided to take some time off work to have a long lazy weekend. This is majorly overdue as my batteries have been running on empty for a while and I needed a bit of me time so I need to recharge and I suppose in my own way have my own system upgrade. Just realised that this makes me sound like a robot which I certainly am not. Ideally I do need a full on holiday but I don’t think that will be until later on int the year and also at the moment at work there are a lot of others off and this combined with other work commitments means that this is really the best I can do at the moment until the summer. Also for the first time I unsure about what I want for a holiday. Normally it involves me going on a city break by myself to soak up lots of culture. This is the type of holiday I like, but call it old age but I am now wanting to share the experience with others I might regret this idea but it would be good to share the experience with someone. Reality though is it will be just me so I had better get a move on and start planning something.

While I have been off I went up to Newcastle for a bit of shopping. It was good to have a look around the shops up there as I haven’t had the chance much this year to do that. I only bought one thing which was a new bag for work. My old bags strap snapped a while ago and I have been trying to find a decent  and stylish and practical manbag for a while. Basically its not that easy to do unless I wanted or was prepared to pay a fortune for one. In the end I did find one and it was in the sale at Debenhams. Its not as big as I would have liked but it will be fine for stuff for work and it looks a bit stylish.

I also watched Mamma Mia last night on the TV. I love this film so much and have watched it loads on DVD ad even went to see it twice at the cinema which I have never done before with a film. It is just a great feel good film especially if you watch with a group of friends which I did at the cinema. I think maybe I might have to start arranging a monthly cinema and food trip with friends. Anyone up for it???

Anyway better be off to make the most of my weekend. This will consist of covering at Hospital radio (which is why this blog is earlier today) and then one last lazy day where hopefully I can get quite a bit of reading done. Talking of reading thanks to everyone who took part in my poll on what to read next. The poll is now closed and 62% of people voted for The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman so that is what I am reading at the moment. I will probably do more of these polls later on.

So until next week

Top TV programme of the week : Candy Cabs

Top song of the week: Noah & The Whale – Waiting For My Chance To Come

Book I am currently reading: The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman