I have had a sort of quite an intense week.

The week started quite relaxing with a long weekend which was way over due and I liked it so much I have another one this weekend although this time its only 3 days instead of 4.

I have also had a lot on my mind this week as well. Now for those of you who are regular readers I apologise if this sounds too familiar but this is why I do my blog. Its a way for me to get my thoughts and feelings out so I can deal with them. This week I have made some progress as I know what I need to do and I just have to do the difficult bit of doing it. I am the type of person who likes all the information first so I needed some advice from someone. The problem is like a catch 22 situation. I want advice and to confide in someone but whenever anyone does ask if I’m ok, I go “I’m fine, don’t worry about me” instead of saying actually saying whats on my mind. Maybe this just as well as no one wants a gibbering wreck of a  30 year old to deal with.   It’s like some sort of safety mechanism kicks in and theres no override function. Sometimes the reason I do this is because I think its not the time or the place to have such a heart to heart. Although I don’t know if there is ever a good time for such conversations. However I have though finally decided to ask someone for some advice, so hopefully I will soon be able to deal with this issue. Also in a twist of cruel fate the very thing I have been thinking about actually came up during the week which is either a coincidence or someone out there is trying to tell me something. Not sure which I believe it is.  Anyway I hope I have made some steps to eventually dealing with this issue and sorry to everyone for whinging so much. I know I am my own worst enemy and I do appreciate all of you who have put up with this whinging for so long.

On a much more happier note, some of my family from South Africa have come over to visit. It’s always great to see them but this visit is tinged with a bit of sadness as my great aunt has said it will probably be her last visit over as it is such a long journey. Still its great to see them and brings back some great memories of when I went over and visited them. I would love to go back but it is so expensive but hopefully one day. What is great is  finding them so enthusiastic about everyday things for us, who knew Morrisons supermarket was that good. They have also discovered the TV programme Downton Abbey which was shown on the plane. Obviously it is the best way to prepare people for their visit to England. Anyway as they loved it so much I ordered the DVD boxset for them. They are also very excited about being over here for the Royal Wedding and they have been buying lots of merchandise. I was quite surprised at this and I think its because as a country we probably take it for granted that we have such spectacles. I am sure as it draws nearer the country will get even more excited about it as we always leave it to the last minute.

As well as all of this going on I have been thinking about trying new things. This has been one of my aims for this year. I wanted my 30th year on this planet to be one where I made things happen for me and tried new things. So far things haven’t panned out so I have started thinking about what I can do. For a long time now I have quite fancied joining some sort amateur dramatics group but can’t really find any that I would be suitable for as a lot do musicals and although I love musicals I would be no good as I can’r sing. No I’m not being modest its hard fact. So if anyone knows of any local amateur dramatics groups in the North East then let me know.

As I write this many people will be finishing the London marathon. It is a huge achievement for anyone to do so well done to all those who have completed it. I actually in moment of insanity did apply to do the marathon this year but thankfully I wasn’t chosen. However it did spur me onto apply for the Great North Run which I will be doing in September. Hopefully this will be more achievable but I had better get back into training. I think I need a training partner.

Well thats it for another week.

Celeb Spot!  John Prescott

Top TV programme of the week : Glee

Top song of the week: Glee Cast – Don’t You Want Me

Book I am currently reading: The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman