Happy Easter everyone!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely weather we have been experiencing recently . It is so nice to just go outside and enjoy the sun, it has been far too long since we have had this type of weather especially on a Bank holiday weekend.

On the subject of Easter I have been addicted lately to M&S hot cross buns. Not the fancy cranberry ones that you see advertised, just the classic ones. The thing is now other suppliers of hot cross buns simply don’t meet the same standard (yes I am a hot cross bun snob as well as a coffee snob). I have been having one on a morning for breakfast. I don’t usually eat breakfast (I know it’s the most important meal of the day), usually because I can’t face eating something so early on a morning. However I have been trying to eat something lately and the hot cross buns have been the ideal solution. Don’t know what I am going to do now Easter is over. Croissants maybe???

The week started off quite good for me. After having another long weekend I went back to work feeling quite upbeat and positive helped by the lovely weather. I did however have an odd experience when getting my coffee on Tuesday morning when the guy making the coffee said “mocha me up”.  Now this is the coffee that I usually go for but I found the phrase a bit weird. Did he he want me to cover him in coffee and cream?? This would be wrong on so many levels first of all it would be a waste of coffee and secondly I  want to keep some sort of boundary in my coffee purchasing. They already just make my coffee when they see me without asking, I think this would be a step too far. If you are wondering how I responded it was with a quick glance at the clock and then smiled in a bemused way. Well how else was I to respond? If anyone else has any thoughts then let me know.

Also this week on two occasions when I have gone to the cash machine I received £5 notes. This hasn’t happened for years and I noticed that some people on Twitter have also commented on this. Theres nothing wrong with this but just don’t expect to see £5 notes that much especially in a cash machine.

All of this fun and excitement though was early on in the week. Things though went downhill quite quickly after this. Many of you who know me will know that I am a big Dr Who fan. I have always liked the show since being a child and my love for the show and its characters has stayed with me. So it was a sad day when I heard this week that the actress Elisabeth Sladen who played the character Sarah Jane Smith had died. For those of you reading this blog who are not familiar with the Dr Who then this news might seem uninteresting. Yet to Dr Who fans this is very sad news. The success of any Dr Who in my opinion depends upon how good the companion is. Sarah Jane Smith was the number 1 companion with fans and that is probably why Tom Baker and David Tennant and Jon Pertwee were so successful in the role of Dr Who. The very fact that she worked with the most doctors is testament to her popularity. She even went on to have her own spin off show which introduced her to a whole new generation of fans. Obviously my condolences are with her family and friends but like many Whovians she will always remain popular.

Whether it was because this news had made me feel a bit low I do ‘t know but since Friday I have been feeling fed up. Which is ironic as it was Good Friday. Anyway I have been feeling fed up and hoped the family get together on Saturday would cheer me up. It sadly didn’t instead it just added to misery. I haven’t seen many of them for a long time and I understand they want to know what I have been up to. So the usual questions come up such as “no wedding bells then” – Errr no, I am single so the only way I will be involved in wedding bells is if I become a bell ringer at my local church. I didn’t actually say this but it did cross my mind. The other thing I got was “isn’t it about time you got your own place?” Yes it is but not as easy as you would think it is for a single 30 yr old.  Then its the questions about my job and then they start wondering why I haven’t climbed high up the career ladder. All of this alone is enough to bring you down but when you are feeling low already it drags you down so quickly. As a result I found myself keeping out of the way and keeping quiet. I am sure they didn’t mean to make me bad but they certainly did make me feel bad and I have no one to pick me up out of these blues except myself. I am sorry to whinge on again but it is part of the reason I do my blog as it helps me deal with things a bit. However I do worry that I am just annoying everyone. This week I discovered a song called ‘Friends’ by the Lake Poets and I it is probably spot on how some of you are feeling about me or maybe I am just bit sensitive. Anyway its a great song as are others on the demo. I have put a link on the side of the blog and they are certainly worth checking out.

Anyway. Hopefully I will feel shake myself up and sort myself out a bit this week. So until next week bye for now.

Top TV programme of the week : Dr Who

Top song of the week: The Lake Poets – Friends

Book I am currently reading: The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman