This week has been a fairly quiet week in the sense that I haven’t been up to much.

On Easter Monday where I would normally be laying about eating Easter eggs, this year I was actually at work. This was quite a shock to the system especially when I went to get the train. Normally the train is packed, on Easter Monday however there was a total of 4 passengers. Yes thats 4 of us!!!! It did make the journey enjoyable however as one of the luxuries any regular train traveller will tell you is to get a four seat table all to yourself. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does its a good feeling. After getting off the train the walk to work was really quiet, which once again I am not used to experiencing. This however was where the quietness ended as from then onwards work has been really busy so by the time it got to the Royal Wedding Bank holiday I was glad I had not volunteered to go in on that day.

I have still had a lot of stuff on my mind and whether it was tiredness or something else I’m not sure but I had a low day on Tuesday. I think basically I am my own worst enemy. I seem to make things harder for myself than they actually are. My instinct is to deal with things on my own and therefore sometime reluctant to talk about things. I know I have talked about this before so sorry to bore regular readers but its just how I feel sometimes. I think that I am dealing with it ok then something such as a TV programme may focus my attention on it again, for some reason Glee has been doing this lately. This is not necessarily a bad thing as I do need to address things. Thanks for you patience with this and I do appreciate those that have offered to listen I will talk to you all just need it to be the right time and place.

This week was also the deadline for people submitting their applications for tickets for the Olympic Games next year. I submitted my application the other week and will have to wait and see if I get anything. On a realistic note I am not expecting much but I still applied because it is a once in a life time opportunity so I have applied a for some tickets. Not the ridiculous amounts others have , just a handful including swimming, diving and the cheap tickets for the opening and  closing ceremonies (well come on everyone else has applied for them might as well give it a shot). What amused me this week was that there was a sudden last minute rush for tickets so in the last 1hr and a half the website crashed. People were complaining and saying this is unfair and why can’t they organise it better. My answer to that is “Don’t leave it until the last 1hr and half to apply. The ticket ballot had been open for 6 weeks without a problem”. Those who applied last minute and are complaining they couldn’t get on don’t deserve to get any tickets in my opinion. Anyway good luck to those who have applied.

I suppose I can’t really do this weeks blog without discussing the Royal Wedding. Well actually I could ignore it but I’m not. I know the Royal Family divides opinion and thats fine with me, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am a supporter of the Royal Family. I am not on the scale of some who dedicate it their whole lives to them or camp out for days just to see them, but I do think they are good for the country. Whether we like it or not the Royal Family is part of our heritage and has influenced our lives throughout the centuries. As a nation we seem to take them for granted as they have always been there (well except for that blip with Oliver Cromwell). The rest of the world however are totally fascinated by the Royal Family. Britain get huge amounts of tourists because of them, which boosts the economy. This is shown in the huge amounts of Media coverage that the Royal Wedding got around the world. Very few events command that attention, but our Royal Family does get that and showcases the best of Britishness. As a nation we are quite shy at showing our patriotism. Other nations are proud to do so. I am not saying we are not proud but we feel uneasy doing so. What the Royal Wedding showed was that deep down most people did want to be involved and there were lots of street parties, and lots of communal events to celebrate the day. I spent the morning with family watching wedding on the television. It was great! To have three generations of a family watching an event was special. Its happened before for Coronations and things but this is the first time I have experienced it first hand. It was also special as I was watching it with my relative from South Africa. There is a lot of bad things going on in the world and things aren’t easy for people so sometimes it is nice to just stop and have a bit of fun and enjoyment. So congratulations to the happy couple!

On another note, I am getting very confused with Dr Who. If anyone has any explanation to what is going on please let me know. I am a fan of Steven Moffat and his involvement with Dr Who but I think he is starting to get a bit too deep and it could start putting off some people. I am intrigued however as to who River Song is. My theory is that River Song is Amy Pond’s daughter. Please let me know what you all think.

So until next week, bye for now.

Top TV programme of the week : The Royal Wedding (BBC)

Top song of the week: Glee – Get It Right

Book I am currently reading: The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman