We all have weeks which we are glad that are over, and this week is sort of one of those. It hasn’t been a bad week just quite an emotional one but I am glad I have had it. I know that doesn’t make sense but it does to me and maybe it will become clearer to some later on.

This week I got some new trainers. I am not a shoe fanatic like some people but it is usually a good feeling when you put new shoes on. That is until you get a nasty blister and you then spend the rest of the week limping but determined that these shoes will not beat you. I also got some running trainers in preparation for the Great North Run. I had hoped that this would spur me back into training, but as I type this they are on the floor with the label still attached – well I suppose it is one step at a time. September is ages away…. isn’t it? GULP!! To add to my Great North Run anxiety it turns out that ,my cousin is also running. He is though considerably fitter than I am and also very competitive so it looks like I have a challenge on my hands.

This week also saw local elections and the AV referendum. Now I have always been interested in local politics I suppose since my dad was involved in them, so I always look at the results. The AV vote was interesting though, the idea was to change the current first past the post system to one that asked people to rank the candidates in preference. This AV would mean votes could be more reflective of the larger voting population. Yes it would mean your vote was worth a bit more but not much more. I think there were other versions of AV that would have been better to suggest. Anyway the vote was a NO result so there will be no changes at the moment to the voting system. some people think the whole idea was a waste of time and money but at least it did get some people thinking about the voting system which in my opinion is always a good thing, more people should get involved in politics.

I know, I know  so far I have avoided talking about feeling emotional during the week. Well here goes. As regular readers will know I have had a lots on my mind lately and its making me quite irritable and moody and sensitive to things. I even think my iPod which is usually on shuffle is picking certain songs that reflect my mood (anyone else notice this happening with theirs?).  I did however finally get to haver a chat with a friend which really helped me to make sense of things.  Theres a line in the song ‘For Good’ from the musical Wicked which says

“I’ve heard it said , That people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn, and we are led to those who help us most to grow, if we let them and we help them in return”

I am a big believer in this belief and the friend I met up with has certainly helped me grow and made me realise what friendship is all about. The advice they gave was ‘don’t worry and just do it, it will be fine’.  They are right and I am now starting to make a bit of progress. I might not have turned the corner but at least I can see the corner now and approaching it very quickly.  since talking to my friend though I have been an emotional wreck almost. On Thursday I felt I could have broken down at any moment. It wasn’t because I was upset but relief that I had finally talked to someone about things. It occurred to me while feeling like this, that I wasn’t this moody or emotional as a teenager maybe 30 is the 13! that is a scary thought and hopefully it is not true. I know a lot of people around me have been concerned and I am sorry for worrying you and I will be talking to you about things over the next few weeks to hopefully make you understand things a bit.

So on that note I will leave it. Next week could an interesting week. My horoscope for the week ahead says:

“For ages certain individuals have been trying to link you up with people, places or activities they regard as of interest. You appreciate their intentions but just can’t see the point. Now events take over, and although what or who you encounter may be different from what others had in mind the point will be made. You’re about to broaden your horizon. And the process begins this week – big time.”

So with that in mind I am in for an interesting week. well hopefully a less emotional one but I can’t promise anything.

Top TV programme of the week : Would I Lie To You?

Top song of the week: John Barrowman – Don’t Cry Out Loud

Book I am currently reading: Yes Man by Danny Wallace