This week has been full on in many ways. So much has happened this week that  by the weekend I am physically tired and need a rest. I suppose I need a holiday really but thats a long way off but I had better start booking some time off.

Work has been really busy and also quite sweaty and smelly as well. Not what you would expect from a library but it is a busy time of year and I suppose it is just one of those things. A large number of people in one area is going to create a lot of heat then add in stress and anxiety then that is what you get. Oh well its only for a short time. I also did some overtime as well which I thought would be ok as it was just a few extra hours but it certainly did take it out of me.

My emotional rollercoaster has also continued this week. I did manage to talk to some friends early on in the week and it helped a great deal and have spoken to family as well so I do feel better. I still have a lot to do but I have certainly turned the corner and making progress. Thanks to those who have helped me this week it means a big deal and I think I underestimated some of you.

This week on my way home on the train there was a wasp in the train carriage. I only noticed as I was about to get off the train but it made me think how scary that could be. An angry wasp on a train not the ideal situation it sounds more like a bad sequel to the film ‘Snakes On A Plane’. Hopefully it got away from the train and no one got stung.

Keeping with the nature theme. I heard my first cuckoo of the year. It is always meant to be a special thing to hear the first cuckoo of the year and it also something I have not heard much in my life. It is quite nice although as a bird they are quite nasty but I suppose that is nature.

This week saw me celebrate an anniversary this week. Yep I have been doing this blog for 1 year now. It has surprised me that I have kept doing it and that people seem to enjoy reading it. When I started my blog a year ago I did it for myself. It was going to be my way of dealing with things and sharing my experiences with people . It certainly has helped me deal with things and I have found that it is a way of explaining how I feel to people. When I started though I didn’t think I would moan and whinge as much as I have – sorry about that. Although I have noticed I get more readers when I moan. You are a strange lot.  I am going to keep going with the blog as I do enjoy doing it, it is a kind of therapy and it doesn’t cost me anything. I hope you all keep reading it as well.

This week it was also Eurovision. Yes that bad taste ‘music’ competition has come around again. The UK actually did OK. We didn’t win but thats no surprise but at least were in the top half of the table. I wasn’t that impressed with the winning song by Azerbaijan. It was alright but nothing special, but I suppose they have never won before so fair play to them. I was surprised at how well Italy did as it was a very poor song but still came second!! The dancing gnomes with fairy wings from Moldova were better than that. I was actually rooting for Ireland who were represented by Jedward. As much as I dislike them, especially when they were on X Factor, but they did have a good song. Shame they only came 8th  but never mind.

Well thats it for this week. So until then bye for now.

Top TV programme of the week : Eurovision Song Contest

Top song of the week: Jedward – Lipstick

Book I am currently reading: Yes Man by Danny Wallace