Hi and welcome to this weeks blog.

I want to start by saying thank you to all of you who have spoken to me or sent me messages about last weeks blog. I really appreciate all the support you have given me. Also thanks for just treating me in the same way, you may not have spoken to me but just by being the same with me also means a great deal. so to all of you thank you so much. A lot of you have spoken to me have said that I have been brave for making his decision. I appreciate this but I don’t think I have. I decided to confront the issue because I had to. It was getting to me and if I left it, it would have  made me ill. I could see this happening as well my friends and family so thanks for the nagging that I needed to push myself to sort myself out. Also if you haven’t looked at the ‘It Gets Better’ site then please do find the time to do so at some point.There are so many great people explaining how they dealt with being gay and they explain how I was feeling much better than I can. I have put a link on my Blogs I like list on the side of the blog so please do try and watch some and get behind this great scheme.

This week has been quite a dull week. Not much has happened really. I have just been at work and feeling very tired. I think I am just ready for some time off and some relaxation time. I have had some long weekends this year but no lengthy periods of time off since Christmas so I am certainly long overture. At least I have some time off in a few weeks time and I plan on recharging my batteries then, so not long to wait.

This week Starbucks have started selling pancakes. They are the American style buttermilk pancakes and you can have a range of toppings. I am loving them at the moment. Thank goodness I don’t have access to them during the week otherwise it could be dangerous. They just bring back memories of being in America. I do quite like a full on American breakfast. I think its the maple syrup that does it.

I have been in reading mood lately as well. I think this is partly because I couldn’t wait to finish my last book ‘Daughter of Fortune’ as I wasn’t particularly enjoying it. I hate giving up on a book and I usually persevere with even the dullest of books. This book was for my book club so I had added pressure to finish it. I also need your help in deciding what to read next. I have done a poll so please vote and let me know what you think I should read.

On TV this week I watched the new series ‘Camelot’. I have always loved stories about knights. As a child my favourite toy was my toy castle and knights, so I am naturally drawn to this type of programme. It was ok the programme but was trying too hard to be the Tudors and I quickly got bored of that. It might improve so depending on what else is on I might stick with it for a bit. It did have the wonderful Sean Pertwee in. But what is it with them killing him off early on. It seems to happen all the time in TV programmes or films he is in. Such a waste of a good actor.

Well thats it for this week. If anyone does want to talk about any issues that have featured in my blogs then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I always happy to talk about things.

Top TV programme of the week : Case Histories

Top song of the week: Glee Cast – Pure Imagination

Book I am currently reading: Imagined London: A Tour of the World’s Greatest Fictional City by Anna Quindlen