Hi and welcome to this weeks blog.

I have had another long week this week, but at least I don’t have long until I have some time off.

The week didn’t start off well. Last Sunday evening my cat wasn’t well so my parents took her to the vets on Monday to get checked out. Now for all you pet owners out there, you will know that going to the vets is a stressfull situation as you worry about what is wrong and also the bill. Anyway it turns out she just had an upset stomach, there was  nothing seriously wrong which is always good to hear. However my cat is fat I know this but the vet has said that she needs to diet. Apparently there are slimming clubs for cats. Yeah I did just say slimming classes for cats. At the moment we have decided not to take her to slimming classes but we have reduced the amount of food we are giving her. Although this met with disapproval she is slowly coming around to the idea. At least she is back to her old self now.

Last Sunday also saw the Tony Awards. Now for those who don’t know what they are it is the theatre world equivalent of the Oscars. The big winner was a musical called ‘The Book of Mormon’ which as musical theatre fan (yep I know I’m falling into the stereotype)I was ashamed to say I knew nothing about. So to rectify this I listened to the soundtrack. The show is by the people behind both South Park and Avenue Q, so I expected boundaries to be pushed and they certainly are with some of the songs in the show. Saying that it is a good soundtrack and I will be keen to see if it does come to the West End next year. There was also British success at the Tony’s with the play ‘War Horse’. This is based on the book by Michael Morpurgo. This play did well over here so it is great to see that it is doing well over in America as well. The play was funded and supported by the Arts Council which does a brilliant job in investing in the arts in this country. Ironically the Arts Council is receiving cuts from the Government at a time that there success is spreading and contributing to the economy. Surely from a business point of view its lunacy to cut funding to a successful venture.

All this talk of the theatre though as made me think about doing some amateur dramatics. I always have been interested in drama and did drama classes when I was little so it would be good to get into. The problem is I’m struggling to find any where that doesn’t require singing. A lot of the groups in the area just do musicals. Now I would love to do this but I seriously can’t sing and no I am not being modest , it is a fact. So this rules a lot out. They say I can get involved and do behind the scenes etc but thats not what I really want to do. Now don’t get me wrong I am not expecting lead roles or anything but I would like to do something. So if anyone knows of any groups then let please let me know.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I had bid for tickets for the Olympics. Well like most people who bid for tickets I have been left without any. It is a shame as it would have been amazing to go and yes I know there is another opportunity next week but these are not for things I was interested in. I know there has been criticism of how the application process was done but I suppose really there was never a perfect way of doing it. The other alternative was first come first served which would have ended in the system crashing and people would have only moaned then as well. Although I am disappointed I am still looking forward to the Olympics next year.

This week was also the season finale for Glee. Although there wasn’t much to the story this week it was set in New York and it just made me want to go to go there. Maybe next year will be the year. It was still a good episode and I especially liked the scene with Rachel and Kurt on the set of Wicked. It’s a shame that Sky have confirmed that they have bought the rights to the show from next season. Well at least I can always get the boxset and I still have Glee Live next week.

Well I suppose thats it for this week. Nothing to heavy for you all theres been enough of that over the last few weeks. Well until next week then.

Top TV programme of the week : Glee

Top song of the week: Glee Cast – For Good

Book I am currently reading: Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie