Hi everyone! As I mentioned in my blog a few days ago I hadn’t done my Midsummer Review of my New Years Resolutions. I should have have done it last Sunday, but I had quite a bit of stuff to mention and didn’t want to bore you all too much in one go – I do want to keep you as readers. So as promised here is my Midsummer/midyear update of my New Years Resolutions.

1)Read More

For those of you who know me well you are probably thinking that I read quite a bit anyway, and it is true I do but last year I had my worst year for reading for a long time. I know this because (and yes this is very sad, but in my defence I do work in a library) I have a book journal which I have kept since 2005. Now its not a fancy book just a normal hardback notebook but it does contain lists of books for each year. Last year I only read 19 books, which is pathetic by my standards. I usually average between 28/29 books a year. So far this year I have read 11 and already onto my twelfth book of the year so at the moment progress has been made but I can still improve on things. I have however encouraged other people to read and did get involved in the World Book Night book giveaway. This was fun but quite stressful. For the details see the blog for March.

2)Get my own place:

Progress on this front is zilch. Yes I have looked but mainly because I wanted a backup plan for when I came out. Thankfully I didn’t need a backup plan so didn’t pursue this much further. It is still something I want/need to do but I think I need to get myself sorted as a person first. This isn’t me finding an easy way out its just that a lot has happened in 6 months and not what I thought would so priorities have to change. I will keep this resolution open but it is the least likely to be fulfilled.

3)Socialise more:

At the start of the year I was going out a bit more. This was partly helped by lots of birthdays in January including my own. Recently though things have been fairly quiet. I suppose this is down to other commitments from people and also I have had a lot to deal with personally so I have been getting my head around that. Hopefully things will improve and I will start to socialise more and not just on my own.


Not much has happened in terms of actual dates just one really. However the fact that I have ‘come out’ I feel is a big step in this area. It means I can be myself and if there is someone I like I can be open and honest with people about it, and friends who want to help me find someone now know what to look for.

5)Sort finances out:

I said my aim was to try and save more well I haven’t done that. I know this is bad and would actually help with my resolution in getting my own place. I have tried to cut down on just random spending which I think is getting better either that or I am getting better at justifying purchases. I certainly could do better in this area.

6)Grow Up:

Well age wise I certainly have. Turning the big 30 does make you look at your life in a serious and grown up way. I am an adult and need to start being one. I also have to put myself first which is something I have not done before. I said that this year was going to be my year. I suppose thats why I decided I had to deal with the issue of my sexuality this year. It wasn’t that I didn’t know about it its just that I couldn’t deal with it. This year I realised that I had to deal with because it was getting me down and probably starting to make me ill. Dealing with your sexuality is something that most people do in their late teens, thats when you probably should do it. I didn’t have the guts to do it then but I suppose I always knew I had to do it sometime and if I didn’t do it this year I would probably never have done it.  Because of this I also feel that I am a more confident person. I reckon if I can sit down and tell my parents that I am gay then I can be confident in other areas of my life. It doesn’t mean that this was east to do (far from it) but it is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do so far in my life so in comparison things are usually not as bad. Some people do seem a bit surprised by this confidence and say I am a bit scary. I don’t mean to be but I do speak my mind more and I never mean to cause offence or upset people it is just I am willing to fight my corner now. Anyway I think I am getting a bit sidetracked here sorry for that. Where was I?? Be more grown up thats it, well I have made some progress in this area but it is one that I suppose we all keep working at. As much as we may hate it we cant be Peter Pan forever.

Well thats my midsummer/midyear review done/ Hopefully I will have done more in these areas by the end of the year. Thanks again for reading my blog. My usual weekly blog will be out on sunday as normal. Remember please feel free to rate or comment on my blog. It is always nice to hear what you say.

So until the weekend then I will say goodbye.