Lately when I have been writing my blog I have been doing so whilst fighting off waves of tiredness. This isn’t because I find blogging dull (hopefully you don’t either) it is just that by the weekend I am normally very tired and even simple things are a massive challenge. This week though I have had week off so I have caught up on some much needed sleep, as a result my eyes don’t look like they have been on a massive shopping spree  just a little mooch around the shops. I have certainly needed this time off just to get myself sorted a bit. As the last few months have been quite intense it has taken its toll on me mentally and body is also trying to catch up. I still have bit to go but hopefully things will calm down a bit.

So what have I been up to this week then. Well to put it plainly – nothing much. It has been nice to have some sleep ins and just potter around a bit. This has meant quite a few trips to Starbucks and a bit of shopping. It has been good as I did need some new clothes (including a very cool Thundercats t shirt) so it has been fairly productive (well that is my excuse anyway). I also managed a catch up with a friend as well. So overall not too bad a week. I had hoped to get a lot of reading done but this hasn’t happened so may have to briefly stop with my current book to start my book club book. I hate stopping mid way in a book but ‘Midnight’s Children’ is quite heavy going so maybe a break will be a good thing.

All sounds good I hear you all say. Well I suppose yeah it is but the thing is when I am off I do find it hard to relax and switch off. This means I get anxious which isn’t good for me or those around me. I always find as well that the heat adds to this so the start of the week wasn’t as relaxing as I would have wanted, but it is one of those things that I am used to and deal with best I can. I think it happens because I have time to think about things which then mixes with my imagination and I then create problems that aren’t there. It is normally worse at the start of my time off so I’m ok now.

So far you probably think why does he bother having time off if it is such an ordeal. Well the reason is that do need to recharge my batteries so I do appreciate having the time off even though it may not sound like it. I suppose having time off is always better if you share it with someone else which I don’t have. Except for my parents, but thats not the same. As I mentioned I did manage to catch up with a friend which was good as we both had a lot of things to update each other on. The odd thing is even though I don’t see people much they still know what is going on. This is because of Twitter, Facebook and yes even this blog. It means I am talking to other people about things all the time but don’t always get to have a proper chat which is what we all prefer and also need as there is only so much I am prepared to talk about on social media. Saying that though I have been on Facebook more this week. I suppose it is what most of my friends use so it is way to keep in touch with them and be generally nosy. Lately I have added more old school acquaintances (that sounds quite posh – I mean people I went to school with). It is always interesting to see what other people are up to and where they are.

This weekend though has been quite a long weekend and I have had the urge to have night out. It has been ages since I had proper night out so I suppose I should try and organise something sometime. I seem to have forgotten what my adopted life coach (aka Danny Wallace – well his book anyway) says. I need to say ‘yes’ more. Not tot he ridiculous levels he does in the book just make the most of opportunities when they come up. Even though I want to go to I am still likely to say no. so this is a message to my friends. If you ask me to go out for a drink etc then unless I have a valid reason such as already got plans or I am genuinely ill, or I have no money, do not take no for answer as I likely to just get out of it even though I don’t want to. I don’t want to be in a situation again on a weekend where I am staying in and I don’t have to. I am 30 and not getting any younger and now I know what team I bat for I also need to attempt to meet somebody to settle down with, and that is only going to happen if I get myself out.

In other random news of the week I was quite pleased to get a tweet back from former CBBC presenter Simon Parkin – remember him??(this is going back broom cupboard days, he was the Ginger one). It was just in response to a question he posed but it was good to get a reply. If you are on Twitter and want to follow him then his Twitter name is @simonparkinitv . Yep my life this week has been dull.

While I am in this retro mood, last week I did a poll to settle that all important debate about which was better? He-Man or She-Ra. Well the results are in and it was tight but with 57% of the vote He-Man was the winner. I said this week I would do a poll to settle the other debate I was having with people over which was the best Teenage Mutant Hero/Ninja Turtle. So here this weeks poll.

Well that is it for another week. Speak again same time next week.

Top TV programme of the week : Wimbledon

Top song of the week: Alfie Boe – Jerusalem 

Book I am currently reading: Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie