It has been a bit of a strange week this week. First of all I have had a lot on at work, contrary to many people the summer is one of the busiest times in the library. So by the weekend I am totally ready for relaxing.

This week at work was our book club meeting. The book we discussed was ‘Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis. This time we had a good response to the book and it was nice to see some new faces at the meeting. The book club has been going over a year now and was something I was asked to set up. I thought a book club in a library must be a no brainer, we will have loads of people coming along. Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the book club and the choices we pick but for various reasons we don’t get a huge response from people who have read the book. I don’t really mind but sometimes it is a bit demoralising. If anyone is in a book club or organises one then let me know what tips you have.

At home this week the fridge/freezer broke down. I suppose it is a bit of a cliche but sometimes you take things for granted and don’t realise how much your rely and use them until they are not there. Just simple things such as not being able to buy cold food or have cold drinks. We have sorted this now though and I am glad. I know fridges/freezers are only modern invention but I don’t know how people coped without them.

Another thing that went wrong this week was that I couldn’t get my ring back on my finger. For some reason when I have a bath I take my ring off. I have always done this since getting it for my 18th birthday (so yeah a very long time). On Thursday night I finished my bath and tied to put my ring back on. But it wouldn’t go back on, it was getting stuck just passed the knuckle. At this stage panic starts to set in because a)you are panicking it won’t go back on then b) you are scared it will be stuck in this position and I will end off going to casualty. I managed to get it off and decided it was not worth the risk of trying it again that night and would leave it until the morning. Morning came and still it wouldn’t go on so I had to leave it off while I went to work. This was an odd experience because I have already mentioned i have worn this ring everyday since I was 18. It is like when you forget your watch it feels odd and you suddenly realise how much you looked at it or played with etc. When I came back from work that night I tried it again and it slid on without any fuss at all. I have not taken it off since and it is staying like that.

So with all of this going on I was glad when the weekend finally arrived. On Saturday I got my haircut which is one of those things that always makes you feel better especially when I get the amazing head massage from my hairdresser. I know I mention this each time but it is simply amazing. I have thought about it a lot and if I ever won the lottery I think I would hire him to wash my hair everyday just for the massage. The downside to having your haircut apart from the expense of course is when you try and recreate the perfect the look the next day. This morning id din’t do much with my hair because I was going to the gym and thought it would be pointless. So I come out of the gym and walk around town and who do I bump into but my hairdresser. Now your hairdresser is not someone you would normally talk to except when getting your hair cut however he saw me and said ‘hi’. However I could see the look of disgust on his face when he saw my hair. I felt totally shameful and said ‘hi’ back and put my head down and quickly walked off. I hope this doesn’t mean he stops the head massage.

Despite this little embarrassment I have had a great weekend. You know that feeling when you just feel content and happy well thats how I have felt this weekend. As I said the haircut made me feel better then I went up to Newcastle and had a really enjoyable time up there chatting and  drinking quite a bit of coffee (and not even Starbucks). Then today I had the gym, and later on I am going to see Sarah Millican and Chris Ramsey, which I am very excited about. I will talk about this in next weeks blog. Basically it has been a great weekend and just proves that although bad things happen there is always something good to look forward to.

Well thats it for this week.I’m off to get ready and do my hair in case I bump into my hairdresser again. Thanks for reading.

Top TV programme of the week : The Marriage Ref

Top song of the week: Julie Atherton – Portrait of a Princess

Book I am currently reading: Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie