This week has been a total contrast to the previous week as I have actually done stuff and it is even fairly interesting. So hopefully this weeks blog will be more interesting.

Early on in the week I had one of those bizarre starts to the day we all sometimes get. I was rushing around as normal getting ready for work. I left the house and as I went up the street not far ahead of me a I saw a Rottweiler. Now I am often wary at first with dogs but I do know that this could be quite dangerous situation. There was no owner around either. I was just thinking it hadn’t seen me when it did. I now didn’t know what to do as I knew after a few moments I decided to slowly back track and leave the street another way which I did. As I did so the dog also ran off in another direction. It hasn’t been seen since thankfully. Anyway I finally get to the train station and go and get my coffee. Now I have mentioned in a previous blog that I got a bizarre greeting from a coffee guy who said ‘mocha me up’. This is bizarre but at least I had seen him before at the station. On this day though there was a new member of staff I never seen before who greeted me with this phrase “Hello you young rapscallion”. Now I can safely say I never expected to hear the word rapscallion that day, actually come to think of it not at all this year.  When I looked up the use of the word it was most commonly used in the 17th century. Either I had travelled back in time or he had drunk far too much coffee, I think it was the latter. The other odd thing about this phrase is that I was actually probably older than he was. Well at least he was cheerful I suppose. He then started talking to me about my headphones as he also had a pair of the same make and said how good they are for rap music and rock music. I nodded in agreement and just hoped he couldn’t hear the song that was actually playing on my iPod at the time, it was something from the Wicked soundtrack. I finally got my coffee and got the train to work. I hoped that my bizarre morning was over now but oh how wrong I was. Whilst walking to work I came across a cat. Now I am a cat person so I should know better but I spoke to it as cat people often do (I know it is weird but it just happens), anyway it then started to follow me I did eventually shake it off but it just added to my very bizarre day. I know I wear Lynx deodorant but this not quite the Lynx effect that is advertised.

As well as having a bizarre day I have been very busy at work. This was partly due to me only being in 4  days and then having 2 weeks off. I like to leave my work fairly organised when I’m off , so I tried to get up to date as much as I could and tidy my desk a bit more. I think I am ready for some time off to recharge my batteries and also do some more training for the Great North Run. I also hope to get some more reading done as well as I feel I have neglected reading lately.

My holiday started off though with a first for me. It was my first festival. I have always wanted to go to a festival but I have never really had the opportunity. However this year I had the opportunity of going to Leeds Festival for the day on the Friday. I was really looking forward to it even though it was a bad weather forecast. So a group of us went  and we did have a brilliant time all though it was extremely muddy.

Now I know this is part of it but I have never seen mud like it. It was more like walking through very thick chocolate cake mix but not as appealing. To get out of the site it involved the most horrendous attempt at getting up a hill of mud. I can’t convey how bad this hill actually was just trust me it was bad. I only managed to get up thanks to someone ahead of me who helped pull me up. What was amazing was that on this hill were tents all the way up. Obviously these people had never been Scouts as they would know that this is the worst possible place. Anyway this was the only down side as the rain did eventually ease off later in the day and I did get to enjoy some amazing artists. Here are the top 5 acts I saw that day.



3)Frank Turner

4)Little Comets

5)Friendly Fires

Other acts I saw that day were Interpol, Murkage, Enter Shikari, and a group called Off which I will quite happily never listen to again. I had hoped to see Ed Sheeran but it turned out he was on another stage halfway through Elbows performance. I had thought about leaving half way through Elbows performance but once I started watching them I realised I had to stay. Those of you who have seen Elbow live will understand why and if you haven’t seen them live then you need to. When they finished their set I did manage to get over to see Ed Sheeran but it was packed out and only heard the end of ‘The A Team’ and his latest song ‘You need me, I don’t need you’. I then headed off back to the main stage to see Muse perform. Muse were the headline act and boy did they know how to put on a show. The first half of the show they performed the entire album ‘Origin of Symmetry’ before then playing some of their other big hits. It was the perfect way to end a great day and my first festival experience. It was nice though being able to have such a good time and actually going home and sleeping in my own bed afterwards. I know that might sound like the easy way out but if you can do  it then why not.

Anyway It has been a great way to start my holiday and I hope I can combine some relaxation time as well as training in the next two weeks.

So until next week that is it for now.

Top TV programme of the week : Show Me The funny

Top song of the week: Elbow – One Day Like This

Book I am currently reading: The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman