I have had a varied week this week. It was the first week of my two-week holiday and the idea was for me to do some training for the Great North Run and also attempt to relax and recharge. Training for the Great North Run and relaxing just don’t work together. There is some law of physics that says the two can’t work together and basically all the training will counteract any relaxing or recharging that I need. Also when I’m off work and have no plans i.e not going away and no structure I start to get a bit anxious. I have mentioned this before in my blogs,  but it is always worse the first week so hopefully this week should be better. With hindsight I should have booked some time away as I think that is what I really need. Early on in the week the idea of being away on a remote beach with no phone or contact with the world appealed greatly, usually this would be my idea of holiday hell but at the moment I would jump at the chance. Sadly in this day and age we rely on staying connected whether it is messaging or e-mails or Facebook. Even if I could have gone away it wouldn’t have helped with my training for the Great North Run and I think this is the biggest thing on my mind.

In two weeks time I hopefully would have completed the Great North Run. I have been doing training and despite me thinking I’m not improving the results of my runs on my iPhone say otherwise. I am running longer and my pace is getting quicker. I am not bothered about how long I take as long as I finish it. Some people say they love the training and enjoy the running. I wish I honestly could say I felt like that. I’m not a sporty person so this really is taking me out of my comfort zone and it is hard work. I have been training on my own as well and I think that has been a problem with my motivation, I think I might have benefitted from someone spurring me on. I don’t know how I compare with others so I might be in for a shock when I actually do the run. I only have one more week of training available as you are advised not to run the week leading up to the race, all I have to do that week is eat pasta. I think I am not meant to have coffee either but that aint going to happen. I go back to the work that week and for the wellbeing of everyone and my own sanity I will have to have coffee, after all a man can’t live off pasta alone. I know I sound all doom and gloom about the run but I am pleased I am going to give it ago, it’s just so much has happened this year in such a short space of time which I didn’t expect and I am still trying to keep pace with that, never mind a half marathon. As well as that my organization with sponsorship has been rubbish and although I have started getting sponsors I do need to get others involved in helping raise some as well. I am sure everything will work out and I have just reached a low moment with all the training etc.

As well as panicking about training I have been doing some other stuff this week. I went to the MetroCentre and Ikea this week. Mainly just for a look around and it did help take my mind off things. I didn’t get much just some new aftershave/eau de toilette. It is extremely rare that I buy this type of thing but I am thinking I need to do more about how I dress and stuff. Nothing drastic just need to update my look I think. While at the MetroCentre I did experience the worst customer service in a shop that should know better. I won’t name the shop just that this wasn’t just any bad customer service it was a ‘Mmmm’ very bad customer service experience and when I enquire about something I don’t think the staff were meant to say ‘Yeah what about it?’.  Anyway its over with and it was still a nice day out.

So far this week’s blog has just been me moaning  and I’m sorry about this but I have just had one of those weeks. However the week has ended on a high in fact quite an amusing high.

On Friday night I went with some of my friends to a local comedy night. For those of you who are regular readers you will know that since I went to the Edinburgh Festival last year I have been to quite a lot of comedy nights. I had actually forgotten that I was going on Friday as I thought it was in a weeks time, so it turned out to be a nice surprise and a good way to end the week. The headline act was Patrick Monahan. I saw him at Edinburgh last year where he was the MC for the Best of the Fest event I went to and I really liked him, since then he has won the comedy talent show  ‘Show Me The Funny’.  In addition to him there were also 2 other comedians on as well as the MC. My friend had booked the tickets and unlike other shows we had designated seats as it was in a different venue. We were in Row E so I was thinking that’s fine we are 5 rows in so less chance of getting picked on. For some reason whoever designed the seating at this venue had missed out rows A and B so row E was actually the third row. My experience of comedy nights has taught me that this is danger zone territory and to add to this I ended up on the end row next to the steps from stage. The night started off slow as the first comic wasn’t particularly good and just got annoyed that we didn’t find him funny. The MC Ian Smith did a good job and helped the night go well. The second act on was OK and quite funny, but we were all really waiting for Patrick Monahan to come on. Finally he came on and started as meant to carry on and lots of interaction with the audience especially hugs. He seems to have a thing for hugging people a lot. So far everything was good until he ventured out into the audience looking for people to bring on stage with him. Yep you got it I got the dreaded tap on the shoulder along with 4 other guys. Now when you go to a comedy night you do have to go expecting to be involved in the show but being picked to go on stage s what we all dread really. Now I could have said no I’m not going up but that can sometimes make things worse so I went up. Thankfully once on the stage I couldn’t actually see past the front row because of the lights, so I couldn’t see how much my friends were actually laughing. Anyway here is what happened next.

The scene that was meant to be created on stage was a group of 6 six lads (Patrick Monahan was joining us as well) at a club. He was saying how badly organised guys are when they go out and wanted to show the audience how it should be done (in a comical way). It basically involved us dancing ridiculously. Now my friends at work know how ‘interesting’ my dancing is but my friends at home I don’t think have seen me dance so they were already going to find this funny. So we were all on stage lined up looking like a bad version of Take That or Westlife (minus stools). Patrick showed us some moves that he wanted us to do with names such as the cake mix (it involved me having to do my sexy face, yep I failed at that), shelf stack and the forklift. He then had another move called the pallet which he said I had to do on my own. Once he had shown us the moves it was time to start and just as were about to he said there would be other routines thrown in but just go along with it. At this point I was thinking ‘what I am I doing?’ but was thankful for those 3 glasses of rose I had. Anyway we did it and despite me hoping he would forget about me doing the pallet he didn’t and I had to do it. We all then finished and were about to leave the stage, but before we could he had to hug us all to say thanks (seriously he is a major hugger). He came to me last and then wouldn’t let go and pretended I wouldn’t let go. He did let go then started talking to me. This is the interaction:


Patrick: “Are you here with your girlfriend?”

Me: “No I came with my friends”

Patrick: “Ok, Do you have a girlfriend?” (Now at this point I can hear my friends laughing really loud and those of you who know me will know why)

Me: “Er no I don’t.”

Patrick: “Ok, Let’s see if we can find you one. What do you look for in a lass?” (Yep that laughter got a lot louder now from the row my friends were on)

Me: [silence]

Patrick: “Come on you can tell us, whisper it”

Me: [Whispers] “I’m gay”

Patrick: “Ok we can work with that”, [whispers] “can I tell them?”

Me : “Yeah go on it’s fine”

So he basically explained it and was all fine everyone found it funny. He gave me another hug and then I escaped to my seat having just had the most bizarre experience in my life. When I went out that night to the comedy gig I didn’t expect to join a top comedian on stage and basically tell 250 strangers in person I was gay, but that’s what happened and I actually wasn’t bothered. I had a great time and it was just what I needed at the end of the week. I did get hugged again on the way out as he was hugging everyone as they left, although to be fair I’m not complaining too much. Everyone needs a hug sometimes.  As we were leaving the venue I remember one of the other guys who was on stage walk past. We just looked at each and he smiled as if to say ‘Well weren’t expecting to be doing that on a Friday night’. Anyway a good night was had by all.

Everyone had a good night especially my friends and they all seemed surprised at me dancing.I am not a great dancer but I do enjoy having fun and my friends at work will know that I am usually the first on the dance floor. Just play Girls Aloud or Kylie and I am there. However I have never danced in front of my friends from home and I have known some of them since nursery. Maybe it is time to merge the two lives. We will have to see.

Anyway that’s it for this week. Hopefully I will be less stressed and anxious this week but I won’t promise anything. However as this week has proved you never know what can happen in just 7 days. So until then bye for now.


Top TV programme of the week : Dr Who

Top song of the week: Muse – Plug In Baby

Book I am currently reading: White Oleander by Janet Fitch